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Please,PLEASE. Help me figure out how to get my Amnesia game running!
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Solved: 2 Years, 3 Weeks, 4 Days, 15 Hours, 12 Minutes, 42 Seconds ago Exclamation Please,PLEASE. Help me figure out how to get my Amnesia game running!

So,I need loads of help! Please! So,as many problems have been seen for Macs and running Amnesia,sadly,I am one of them. I don't know exactly the source of the problem but I really would like if someone could help me figure out the problem! I'd be extremely please because I am DYING to play this game,and just knowing I own it but can't play it kills me. ;~; So just know,I am a huge idiot when it comes to understanding on how to fix things so please word it very simply ^^; Anyways I've been trying to set it up (For example I tried the Demo) It would just be a black screen for a sec,and then it would crash.

So I just got the game today,tried it and these are several messages it gave me :

This program cannot be run in DOS mode

Couldn’t open the file. It may be corrupt or a file format that Preview doesn’t recognize.

That's it. All I know is I'll do ANYTHING to have this fixed,so please,do tell me what's wrong,and if my mac info is needed as in for checking if all is right,then do say please. c:
Thank you!!!

General troubleshooting guide: http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/thread-3754.html

Graphics card troubleshooting guide: http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/thread-11183.html

Integrated / laptop graphics chipsets troubleshooting guide: http://www.frictionalgames.com/forum/thread-9942.html
02-21-2012 04:52 AM
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Please,PLEASE. Help me figure out how to get my Amnesia game running! - DJPon3 - 02-21-2012 04:52 AM

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