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Amnesia Mod creation (A meme thread)
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RE: Amnesia Mod creation (A meme thread)

(05-02-2012 04:01 PM)Your Computer Wrote:  
(05-02-2012 03:34 PM)Robosprog Wrote:  Basically: "I don't like some of these memes as they insult my custom story/custom stories I like. The others agree with my opinion though so they're fine."
Every single one is great.

Not necessarily. Take for example the memes on replying with a wall of text or a two-word response, as if to say there can never be a time where doing such a thing is valid or practical. Or the one where the story starts with the main character having a case of amnesia or not knowing how they got there or a story on my little pony, as if a properly written story that starts like that can't be a good story or well-made mod. A great meme is one that limits its targeted group and gets the point across well without discouraging good practice.
I meant they're great in the comedy approach, and whilst I feel that they all do apply in pretty much every case there are examples where they are proven wrong - nothing is universally right, but let's be honest, there are very few examples of well wrote MLP stories, and the character with amnesia is just stale and no matter how well you write it, it will show a lack of innovation.

I'd love a meme that was about long corridors with a room every 5 metres - because really, how many houses are there with the same room repeated eight times along the same corridor in varying states of disarray? Usually every room would serve a purpose or have usually 3 of them -in a huge mansion- but like 8 of them? It's like they're breeding new rooms as you travel down the corridor!

05-02-2012 06:36 PM
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