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or, it looks fine. i think i will give it a shot. 16.67% 3 16.67%
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Announcement Insanity : Nocturnal Confusion !!!-UPDATED-!!! RAGDOLL-BUG-FIXED!!!
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Bug Insanity : Nocturnal Confusion !!!-UPDATED-!!! RAGDOLL-BUG-FIXED!!!

!!! --- UPDATE ---!!!
RE: Insanity : Nocturnal Confusion

!!! UPDATE !!!
Hi to all!
This is a UPDATE for the RAGGDOLL-BUG!!!
IF there are still bugs let me know please!!!
Fixed BUGS:
1: NO grunt at devil map { red map }
2: Can go back more then one time to OUTSITE.map.
Now 100% possible to finish!
Greets Lange

When dropped there the raggdoll MUST been SEEN!!!
It is a bug that the gruntraggdoll won't been seen cause it was NOT in the CS yet!!!
hope this will fix the bug!
It has too tho!
For more questions-bugs-etc...
Let me know !!!
POLL MUST BE VERY >>MUCH<<.............Sorry! can't change it anymore, i guess...

Some big weird bugs that crushing my Game.....
Well, I hope it is bugfree now !

And please tell me what u think of it!

Good day at all!
My CS will be about :

The story will be about a man : John who was attacked by some weird dangerous creature!
He wakes up, looks around and feels he is NOT alone...
while u research the castle,woods,dungeon, ur flashback grow and u try to understand....
Who attacked you, what are those creatures following u in then darkness...
Where do u have to go?...
The notes tell u more.. u'll have to go to Lord Statthem his mansion..
What will be there??...
what will u see??...
who will be there??...

Now go and bring John to safety!
Try to help the village from overtaken!
Here are some screenshots to show where John will be taken to!

Here is a link to 2 amazing trailers of this Custom Story GO CHECK THE LINK!!!

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