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Amnesia really the scariest game?
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Amnesia really the scariest game?

Hello friends of horror.
I myself call Amnesia the scariest game in history, but never played other horror games.
Perhaps because I'm a PC gamer and there are no much good horror games for PC.
I found some old PS2 games, which let me think to buy a console.
Some of them look scarier than Amnesia, somehow.
I know, Frictional Games are the kings of horror, but when I compare Amnesia to most of this games here, I really can't say it is scarier. I really missed the dirty disturbing environments and the shocking effects you can see in this games here. I wish to have a similar game to this by Frictional Games, maybe without weapons, but this here looks scarier as I think.
I'm also not a fan of action and violence, really prefer the decent gameplay of Amnesia, but when you look at the environments and atmosphere, the scarier horror is not Amnesia as it seems like.

Please watch all videos and say me what you think.
Is Amnesia really the scariest game?

Fatal Frame:

Silent Hill:

Rule of Rose:

Project Siren:


Nightmare House:

Dark Fall Lost Souls:

04-14-2012 08:35 PM
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