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Teleporting Doorways!!!
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Teleporting Doorways!!!

Hello forum,
After tons of searching for the answers I was not able to find the right help for what I want. Here's the situation...

I'm going to have a humongous map made with blender, it's large, surreal, and almost ridiculous. It will have many things from floating towers, to upside down bridges and looping staircases! But there's one specific thing about this map that is going to give it its puzzle.


Not just any portal, no, it is basically a door that will lead you to eight small subsections of the room. Six hold mandatory items. One is the room where the puzzle is solved. And and the last room that holds the exit. The subsections only have one door which is the door you came from and what ever you find in the room. Once you go into a room, the door will close behind you and when you open it back up then when you open the door up again it will lead you into another random subsection of the room. Mind that it doesn't simply lead you into another subsection and end just like that. The rooms will "shuffle" your position so that when you open the door it's a random subsection. I want to know how I can do this. It was suggested that I use Random Intigers and position areas but I think I should check with some experienced people in order to obtain the proper instructions.

If anybody has any suggestions, it would be much obliged to give me a piece of you knowledge!

I'm definitely planning for this custom story to be completely original.

Thanks so much!

05-05-2012 08:07 AM
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