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2008-08 Friday 29th, Penumbra: Requiem released, trailer out and Mac & Linux
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RE: 2008-08 Friday 29th, Penumbra: Requiem released, trailer out and Mac & Linux

But the the previous material is what made penumbra great!

With overture, I was often scared and turned off the game.
In black plague, I only cancelled it once (in the computer room)
In requirem; well, I stopped several times because it becomes repetive and rather bland at points. The 3-d scenes are increasily low-quality (I've seen a ton of areas not filled in, displaying the color of ambient fog)
Requirem has a ton of loose ends so far, even when I'm only at level 5 (I think it's level 5). Besides a few references, it doesn't even seem like Requirem is related in the slightest doubt to penumbra.

Puzzles range from stacking boxes to get onto a ledge (quite exploitable Smile to breaking chains with bottles of explosive. Quite a wide range of puzzles, however after a few levels it begins getting repetive. I don't want to spoil anything.

It's well worth the $10 and the support you give frictional in doing so, but as far as replacements go, this one shall be abnormally normal.

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08-29-2008 09:34 PM
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