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goddammit folks
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RE: goddammit folks

Thanks for your replies.

Romulator: tedium by itself is not bothersome. I used to work at a warehouse packing dry ice in boxes. Tedious, yes, but far from a difficult task. As long as I know exactly what I'm doing, I can put up with the tedium so long as I'm confident the end result will be worth it. Also, which thread would be more appropriate to express my concerns and difficulties?

Mudbill: I definitely am not expecting my monster model to look as good as any of the regular monster models (unless I am able to take a certain shortcut, more on that in a moment), but I definitely want it to look at least somewhat acceptable. I guess this will all depend on what design I end up going for, so I dunno. All I know is that I'm not going to bet on Amnesia custom stories still being relevant enough in 5 years to take that much time just to make one for the game. One thing I just thought of that might be possible I may do, if I'm seeing the videos on Blender correctly, is taking an existing character model and "morphing" its shape, like, elongating its face, hunching its back and so on (it is a partly human creature). Then maybe add on some extra things like different color spots or hair or something and there, a monster the cheating way! Tongue

But really, first I would need some direction as to HOW I'm going to do any of this. Blender tutorials for Amnesia, let alone ones that I can follow, are hard to come by. I'd need to know how to use it even to make a simple model first (and yes I do have some of those in mind too). I already know how to set up a full conversion mod, I've been fooling around with some things on there already, it's the reasons for making one in the first place I want to learn. So before departing this thread, any good places/links to recommend for some guidance or instruction?
02-26-2014 11:57 AM
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