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Custom Story pet peeves
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RE: Custom Story pet peeves

- Poor English translations of text and dialogue. Surely it's not hard to come onto the Frictional games forums and find someone who can write and speak well in English to translate your story for you?

- Stories that make absolutely no sense even within the context of their own fantasy realm. If it's a comedy CS then I don't mind, even if the comedy isn't very good but when its trying to be a serious drama or horror CS then this flaw just ruins the atmosphere of the whole thing and makes it pathetic and laughable. For example, Castle of devastating diseases, or whatever it was called.

- Voice acting clearly done in digital voice producing software, either hire a real human being or just have the dialogue entirely in text. This almost completely ruins a CS for me, White Night is actually really good without the atrocious, blander than plastic cheese, digital voice acting.

- I'm not sure whether or not I should put 'the small horse' and other similar, wacky, copyright breaking custom stories on this list. Some of them I actually find quite entertaining in a surreal and childish way, but most of them are just far too deranged and god awful in terms of quality.

- Literally throwing the player around the level or across large rooms for no other reason than a very cheap scare. It's incredibly stupid and irritating, like in cheesy science fiction tv shows when an energy field, weapon or being chucks a character or two across the set for 'action purposes'.

- LOUD NOISES! BANG! "YAAAAAH!" CHEAP JUMPSCARE! What ever happened to careful, subtle build-up of tension and terror?
11-30-2015 05:10 AM
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