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what changes would you like to see?
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what changes would you like to see?

Hi everyone!

I was just curious as to what features/changes everyone would like to see now that the source has been released.

I tested out the mod by qpfiffer, that made the flashlight able to kill dogs. I really liked that idea, although in a real game I'm not sure i would actually want it implemented. But, it was a nice idea to try out, and i learned a lot. I even made it work "better" on my version so it kills dogs even when they are attacking or hunting you.

I've never used github before, so that was fun getting my first fork and changes uploaded. Smile http://github.com/FrictionalGames

I myself would personally like to see the following things done eventually:

1. Batteries can be stored in inventory and don't have to be used right away. [-partially done by me already]
2. I would like to have a equip-able lantern instead of the flashlight or glowstick.
3. It would be fun to do some remake of old IF adventure games like Zork I with the famous white house and mailbox.
4. ...hmmm.. can't think of anymore at the moment. But, can't wait to hear what other people are dreaming about.

EDIT: okay, yeah. #4. would be to make it so the jerky/meat actually works better.
08-10-2010 05:58 AM
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