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stuck & confused
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RE: stuck & confused

(09-10-2010 11:56 AM)thebigJA Wrote:  Hey guys, little help, please.

I have the parts to the orb, and the mucus bone, blood, and mushroom. I was trying to combine the tonic ingredients, but it said the bone was too big, and the blood needed purifying.

I went through the central door, thinking all would be fine since I went in there before I even fixed the levers to the two side doors. I'd gotten past the monster (he glitched a bit) and looked through those three rooms in the big hall w/ blue fire. Imagine my surprise when the monster was back, and hit me when I wasn't even close to him.

I woke up in a cell, and I have the bucket of water that should have a key in it, but I can't do anything with it.

So, three things: Did I mess up my game by going through that middle door when I wasn't supposed to, how do I combine the three things for the tonic (or is it too late), and why the hell can't I just dump out the water from the bucket??

Oh, and a fourth, unrelated thing, I've been carrying around a "lever for a machine" for half the game, never used it. Does it ever come into play?

The prisoner's note didn't say the key fell down the well, and keys don't float so you wouldn't be able to get it anyway. Re-read the note.

Tonic will solve itself don't worry.

The monster is one of those "supposed to die/lose" game moments, the monster doesn't actually exist its a script that activates when you commit certain actions to advance the plot.
09-11-2010 01:09 AM
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