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Feedback wanted: Some questions on Ending (spoilerish)
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RE: Feedback wanted: Some questions on Ending (spoilerish)

1) When entering the Orb Room (where Alexander is), what where your feelings toward Daniel (ie yourself), Alexander and Agrippa.
My thoughts on myself were quite different from most peoples. Obviously Daniel did horrible things, but as the player, you were him. And the most basic human instict is to survive, and what Daniel did, was simply be human. I didn't really question the whole antagonist thing, until Alexander started talking to me, and it was only then I thought about just why he was doing what he did. Agrippa was the only thing in the game not wanting to kill me so whether or not he had alterior motives, I didn't really think about at the time Smile my first impression was though, it had to be too good to be true.

2) What was the ending that you got the first time? Was this a choice?
I put Agrippas head through the portal, and it was a choice Smile

3) How did you like the ending?
A bit... open ended. But still good, on its own.

4) Did you get any other endings? If so, which one was your favorite? And what where your motivation for seeing more endings?
I got all of them, bar the prison cell ending. Overall I felt unsatisfied. You work your way through all those hard puzzles and chase scenes, to be left which a pathetic little puzzle, and no struggle in the end at all.
The castle collapsing would've been nice Tongue
My favourite was probably....... The revenge ending, because it just seemed more conclusive, more rewarding for the masses of effort you've done to get out of the castle.
03-14-2011 03:52 PM
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