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Scariest Crap In You Pants Moments
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RE: Scariest Crap In You Pants Moments

(04-26-2011 03:05 AM)Dragslo Wrote:  Prison. Enough said. Worst area of them all, I was about to say Choir Main hall, but Prison Area is much darker. And the brute gives me an advantage, he can't SEE me, but unfortunately he has good ears.

Oh no, he can SEE you, even when you're not making a lot of noise, he can SEE you.

You get that impression because if you don't 'look' at him, he's less likely to see you, because this is the one game that cat logic sorta works, the only reason it works that way, is because looking at monsters causes them to notice you, but if the brute were to actually TURN IN YOUR DIRECTION, when he's close enough, I can guarantee he would spot you

Quote:Did you step in the iron maiden?
90% of all people aren't stupid enough to step into an iron maiden, seriously bro, if you really think about it, most people go "that's not a good idea"

Quote:And the third one was escaping the cells through those endless tunnels, while something was roaring and rumbling behind. It may not seem very scary, but the tension was very high.

That would be The Shadow

My worst moment was...this is a little scare not many people run into, go into the Archives, cause the little cave in, go back into the hall with the two fireplaces at either end after the cave in, go where to rubble has sealed off the corridor, turn and look at the corridor, enjoy pissing your pants

I hate my friend for telling me about it, he was like "go do this" and I was retarded enough to not be suspicious, but needless to say, this particular scare me hit 'exit'

I won't tell you what the scare is if you haven't encountered it Smile

So far though, the worst scare in my opinion, is the one that happens to poor PewDiePie, in the prison where he opens a door, hears a grunt, gets scared and hides in the room, not realizing the very room he just hid in is where the grunt is turns around and promptly has his face ripped off
04-27-2011 02:03 AM
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