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Here's another great movie that I wanted to talk about: "Come and See"
It's an anti-war movie and the most realistic and intense ever created. This movie will take you seriously into the war and doesn't feel like it's just a "movie". The story is placed in Byelorussia 1943 as german facists wanted to exterminate all sowjet people. It's literally the human evil as a film, way more intense than "Schindler's List". "Come and see" is the hell of terror, the abyssed atrocities that people mutually do. I have rarely felt so uncomfortable with a film. And if this is only a film, how must even be reality? And yet, or rather, precisely from these extremely high intensity one of the most important anti-war films in history.

It is also interesting to investigate the origin of this film. How many years worked on the production! Director Elem Klimov has experienced the war in Stalingrad as a child. His village was burnt down. He said he was in hell. With this film he wanted to realize his vision. They used real ammunition for the filming and often the bullets flew only 10 cm past his head. The moor scene was real too. You will see a cow shooting down in the film. She was actually shot in real life and died for the film. But they said she was ill. Klimov's goal was to produce an anti-war film, which really conveys the atrocities of the war and not only acts like a "movie". This has succeeded on the whole line. The 15-year-old main actor, who did an incredible performance, has almost become mentally ill.

If you haven't already seen this movie, you really should. But keep in mind this movie is not fun. It's extremely hard to consume.

05-04-2017 05:20 PM
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