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Weapons (please read and discuss)
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Bug Weapons (please read and discuss)

Ok so I'm currently playing Amnesia the Dark Descent and loving it well not really actualy its to scary for me to love it but uhm well ok lets just say I'm playing it and I was thinking... wouldn't it be flippin awesome if we could replay the game but with a weapon(s) hidden in the starting area(s) this way we could get even with the monsterfuckers that make us crap our pants Big Grin

I was thinking maybe there is a way to add the planned Bow&Arrow and Flintlock Gun?

I've already done a bit of research into weapons and alot of people say their awkward, I don't think they have to be if they would work like the Lantern so they shouldn't be pickupable items like boxes and chairs and things but activatable items like the Lantern.

So is this possible? Would you like to replay with weapons? Discuss.

Edit* Forgot to mention that it would be best if the weapons were weak and still last resort ish maybe? And also I read that it was planned to be able to strategicly kill enemies, it would have and could be fun if you could for example find a way to electrocute the water monsters. Things like that..
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01-22-2011 06:16 PM
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