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Poll: Would you be excited to see Amnesia as an interactive novel?
No, rather not.
I didn't have any experiece with interactive fiction so far.
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Amnesia as Interactive Fiction
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Amnesia as Interactive Fiction

Hello everyone!
I don't know if this is the right forum so just move it to the proper one if needed.

I love interactive fiction (a.k.a. text adventures). It's just amazing how well you can build atmosphere when done right. Perfect example is "Anchorhead" (downloadable for free) - through random text messages (regarding the weather for instance), the surrounding appears alive and dynamic.
I've just edited the english.lang so that all the diary entries and flashback texts are readable and in chronological order and suddenly this idea came to my mind: What if Amnesia would be given an interactive fiction pendant? I thought about some issues like the scares, hiding spots and overall gameplay and came to the conclusion that it is pretty much possible to at least create something very similar. I know it sounds strange but play Anchorhead and you'll know what I mean. It's possible to create pathnodes for enemies, program their behaviour and so on.
Now I'm totally excited to know if it was possible to use the ingame texts and maybe sounds when programming such an interactive novel that corresponds to the main game? I know that all material is copyrighted of course - that's why I ask. This question goes directly to the developers. If you are unsure, I could program a part of the demo for you to try out.
Also, if it is really possible, I'm searching for people to help me program this because it will be a huge project. I think I'd need at least two more people that are either skilled with Inform 7 or willing to learn some basics to contribute. I must say that I'm a beginner as well but I've tried out some things and they worked quite well (although English isn't my native language).
Curiously awaiting your answers! Smile
Greetings, Timo
01-30-2011 09:45 PM
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