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Terret's Mansion - The Infested Region [Demo Released][Videos]
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RE: Terret's Mansion - The Infested Region [Demo Released]

(02-22-2011 03:29 PM)junkfood2121 Wrote:  Alright! Demo is released Big Grin
Refer to first page ^^

You copied my intro! Undecided

Anyway, I thought it was good; I loved the bit where
Spoiler below!
the wind blew the chandelier out.

I think the Great Hall might be too bright and use too many lights, although it had a really epic feel to it, being such a well-decorated, open-space.

My constructive criticism would be:

Spoiler below!
  • The music is really buggy in the part with the water lurker.
  • The water lurker doesn't have enough patrol nodes or whatever, as it doesn't even go into some rooms.
  • Too many lights! You had that massive corridoor with the monster chasing you down it and I wasn't scared simply because of the factory-precision lights that you had in a line either side. Maybe lower the ambient brightness.
  • The grammar isn't perfect. I was put off by the fact you said "ASAP".

I really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what lies beyond the doors in the great hall, but oh my god, you copied my intro and the bit where the door locks behind you, you even used the same react sound Tongue

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02-22-2011 04:18 PM
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