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How to make enemies bang doors
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RE: How to make enemies bang doors

(05-05-2012 12:14 PM)Cranky Old Man Wrote:  If it's in the map, you mean like if it's permanently active and not summoned by something like a scripted area?
I've preloaded all my particle effects and sounds, but I don't notice the slightest difference. Is it only noticable on slow computers? How slow are we talking?

A particle system can cause temporary lag on any computer, specifically those without a solid state drive, but it depends on the particle system itself. A PS file is really small in size, at least compared to the textures it references. If a particle system references a lot of textures, specifically textures that near 1 MB or more, then you may experience lag when it is being loaded.

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05-05-2012 04:08 PM
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