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Poll: About music in this mod...
I want to hear your self made songs by acoustic guitar with mixing it.
I want "Death Metal Intros" like your previous stories.
Both of above scattered all around the mod.
I want you to make a Death Metal song with electric guitar.
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Note: This is a public poll, other users will be able to see what you voted for.
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When Life No Longer Exists [RELEASED!]
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RE: "When Life No Longer Exists" full-conversion mod to Amnesia (Teaser and new ENEMY)

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(12-10-2011 12:56 AM)kman Wrote:  now i DO think in general metal is better
metal is better
How the hell do you define better music? (sure music can be more complicated and well thought out, but in the end its all about the listener's taste)

Anyways, when you mention these rappers and metalheads. What comes to my mind is how those are pretty often just some ways to define what kinds of clothes you wear, whom you hang out with and perhaps just a way to socialize. And that those people don't really listen to that music much at all (or resist trying out other kinds of music altogether). For example in Finland, there is this Tuska festival where a lot of metalheads gather. But there are ton's of those so called "metalheads" who don't come to listen to the actual music, but only to party hard and socialize with others.

"Metal is the only music what I can listen to"
I can't but feel sorry for you... You are missing so much great music. And then anyways, if you take one genre you dislike. If you listen to that genre for a while (or long) you will eventually start liking that kind of music. There are tests about that and it shows how taste will develop.
Its like the taste for food, adults start trying out a lot of new food and often have a lot wider broad of food they like compared to a youngling (unless those people will stick to eating french fries and hamburgers). But then, if you keep eating those french fries, you will get bored of the taste for sure. Same thing happens with music, if you listen to an album time after time you find its glory and magic disappear. That can happen to a whole genre of music too, at least if that genre has an tendency to repeat itself.

As for me, You could just look at my last.fm (if you can mind that awful name) account (lot of stuff hasn't scrobbled there) and see how I had been "stuck" in prog metal and then started listening to all kinds of stuff from electronic to pop to rap to post-rock to ambient to rock to whatever I don't know for sure what I listen anymore... Hell now I'm listening to Gustav Mahler! Call me a hipster or whatever you want...

Why did I write this?
Oh well... Keep on working with the story and listen to whatever you want for all I care ^^

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12-10-2011 02:22 AM
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