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Amnesia Custom Story: Guide to Horror / Do's and Don't for Scaring Players
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RE: Amnesia Custom Story: Guide to Horror / Do's and Don't for Scaring Players

Kman is right, as long as these maps exist, these threads will exist. If you don't like it flamez3, please just don't read it. This has all been presented as advice, advice that you not only don't need to take, but you don't need to read. I agree with you that people can make whatever the hell they like, no one here is getting paid and likewise no one here is paying for this content, we are all here making games because we love it, so whatever people love, they should create. Theres no need for clashing of philosophies, there is room for both to exist.

At the risk of saying Can't we all just get along, Can't we all just get along? Some people, myself included, take their Custom Story creation very seriously, some just want to make jumpscare maps. Were not competing for favour because we're making our games for different audiances.

Quote: I'm just fed up with the people on this forum
Then stop engaging with those particular 'people' on this forum. You've come back to comment in this thread some time after the last comment, despite hating the topic that the thread is on. There are plenty of people on both sides of the fence over this jumpscare stuff, if you find your frustrated with the people who hate jumpscare maps there is no reason at all to converse with them. I have no issue with people making jumpscare maps, but I hate jumpscare maps as a design philosophy - what I do to get over that is simple. I don't play the maps, and I don't talk to or about the people who make them unless they want to talk to me. There is no point. If you truly hate it, just don't engage with it.

Quote: No one cares that even though they hate it, it won't change
04-16-2012 02:00 PM
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