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The Small Horse II - The Abuse [Custom Story] Part A+B [UPDATED]
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RE: The Small Horse II - The Abuse [Custom Story] Part A+B [UPDATED]

Played B today, and gotta say this story still has that "unique" feel to it, and the ability to make me nerd all over the place.

Spoiler below!
Something that bothered me slightly was the "walkthrough walls" section. It's frankly quite confusing for the player. You did really good with Amnesia Fluttershy though. She looks awesome.

Also, a question for you: Is this series intended to have any semblance of a running story continuity at all? If there is, I can't see it at all right now, but if there isn't I have to ask you why you're releasing this story in multiple parts? Is there something that links all these together in the end to make it its own standing episode? Or could they all just simply be treated as separate parts?
04-30-2012 07:35 PM
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