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Poll: Custom Stories not showing up.
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I need help getting custom stories to show.
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RE: I need help getting custom stories to show.

(04-23-2012 02:57 AM)Cranky Old Man Wrote:  
(04-23-2012 02:28 AM)Ineedhelp Wrote:  No, like the custom_stories folder is in the redist folder in the Amnesia - The Dark Descent folder. I move the download (btw I'm trying to get the Dark Room CS) into the custom_stories folder, then launch ATDD, and it says I have no Custom Stories.
Okay, when you say that you moved the download,
did you move the packed archive into the folder,
did you unpack the archive and then moved the unpacked folder into the folder,
or did you unpack the archive and opened the unpacked folder and then moved the almost indentically named folder INSIDE the unpacked folder, into the folder?
Only the last option is the correct one.

Also, if Dark Room happens to be a full conversion instead of just a CS, then I can't help you.
This guy is right. Make sure the folder structure is something like "redist/custom_stories/Dark Room/darkroomfileshere" The dark room FOLDER should have some stuff like "extra_english.lang" and a folder called Maps (and some more stuff)

Also, it's possible that you may just be experiencing some very strange bug. Once, I kept installing a custom story, but it wouldn't show up, couldn't figure out why, so I just gave up. Loaded amnesia a few hours later, after I had restarted the computer, and the CS was there. Strangest thing, only happened to me once, ever.

04-23-2012 06:02 AM
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