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The Ending Explained!
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RE: The Ending Explained!

(05-04-2012 08:29 PM)HallucinogenX Wrote:  and he was lead into killing Amabel too.
This isn't my theory, someone else came up with it, but there's very good reason to believe the following:

The trick Clarence pulled wasn't that you saw a tuurngait in place of a woman, but that you saw a woman's body in place of a tuurngaits. IE, Amabel never was on your side at all.

Reasoning's for this: Firstly, it's a badass idea. Sounds just like Clarence. Secondly, you can die during the attack. How could you be hurt by an illusion? And before you say aha, Clarence can alter my mind, he can't seem to make you feel things, only hallucinate. Otherwise why wouldn't he hurt you when you're being chased to slow you down, or when you're in any dangerous situation? Finally, there is no evidence she was human all along. Dr. Eminess (sp?) sounded human, but clearly wasn't.

tl;dr Clarence ftw
05-06-2012 09:23 AM
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