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The Ending Explained!
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RE: The Ending Explained!

(05-06-2012 01:05 PM)spukrian Wrote:  I think you are misunderstanding his post. What he means is that Amabel was infected and in the process of turning into a Tuurngait, just like Dr Eminiss. Basically, she only helped because she was stuck and needed to get out, again just like Dr Eminiss. The theory has merit but I personally don't believe in it.
Correct, this is what I meant. Not that Amabel was a completely imaginative person.

You use the reason that "Clarence wants to play with Phillip's mind so much that he becomes
insane and then he can take over completely.Killing Amabel could have
made this happen." Well, so would what I think happened. You, phillip, have just fought a turnngait. Clarence makes you believe you've just killed a woman, the only person in this place. Who was trying to help you. This makes you feel pretty bad. But it's ok, because if you think about it it never happened, only clarence WANTS you to think you've killed her. You can't say my version doesn't achieve the same guilt.

Also you didn't address the fact that you can DIE during this encounter, which is strong evidence that it is a real tuurngait. How can you explain that if you're hallucinating that she's a tuurngait?

Also spare me the 'make up theories in your mind' and 'no evidence' lines HallucinogenX..
05-06-2012 02:05 PM
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