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Amnesia Modloader - Windows v1.6.6 / Mac v1.6.1
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RE: Amnesia Mod Loader (Java Application)

Okay, so seeing as Amnesia is DRM-free since 1.3 (on Windows at least), I figured it'd be a good time to fix and patch up this thing here. I'm currently re-writing the application in SWT rather than Swing. For those who don't know, Swing is the default Java GUI-set, but it feels weird and runs slowly. SWT is practically native and runs much better.

I'll see how long it'll take me to finish it. This time I can actually test retail launches properly. I don't even need a Steam feature anymore, so it will be completely retail-focused. Daemian also managed to implement the before-mentioned shader feature, although I never packaged it and released the latest version. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to port that as well xP. If not, I might have to ask for assistance again.

Hope this goes well. I'll be implementing a few extra features for usability and optimization.

Edit: Also, as of the 1.2 update, the mod's custom file no longer needs to be named aml.cfg. I realized I would much prefer modloader.cfg, so therefore I've implemented that feature. Don't worry; it's still backwards compatible, so if anyone has added aml.cfg to their mod, they won't need to update anything to have it still work. It only uses modloader.cfg as first priority, then aml.cfg if first is not found.

Edit 2: I've finished mostly all I need for the update, though I'd like to have someone test it before I release it. I'm taking a wild guess that MrBehemoth is fairly busy these days. I'll look for some testers, but if you'd like to be apart of it, you can PM me. Please bear in mind that I'd like someone I have at least heard of, and someone serious who knows how to test. Otherwise, I might change my mind if you give me a good impression. Thanks ^^

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02-21-2015 03:07 PM
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