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Amnesia Custom Story Installer
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RE: Amnesia Custom Story Installer

(12-31-2010 05:48 PM)MulleDK19 Wrote:  
(12-31-2010 03:32 AM)youremyonlyhopedood Wrote:  
(09-18-2010 03:16 PM)MulleDK19 Wrote:  
(09-18-2010 03:15 PM)Ganon159 Wrote:  
(09-18-2010 03:09 PM)MulleDK19 Wrote:  
(09-18-2010 03:03 PM)Ganon159 Wrote:  
(09-18-2010 02:58 PM)MulleDK19 Wrote:  
(09-18-2010 02:56 PM)Ganon159 Wrote:  I'm trying to use the installer, but I get an error message that says that Amnesia isn't installed on my computer. I see that someone has had that problem before me, but that it was fixed in the last update.
Do you have any idea of what could've done it?

What version do you have? Retail or Steam?

How did you install it?

I have the Steam version. And do you mean how I installed Amnesia or how I installed the installer?

Installed Amnesia.

Which OS are you using? And is it 32bit or 64bit?
Did you download the game through steam, or copy it from another folder?

I downloaded it through Steam. Also, how do I chech my OS? Sorry, I'm not that good at computer-related stuff.

What version of Windows do you use? XP? Vista? 7?

Okay, so this is getting pretty frustrating. I have a Macbook Pro. I bought the game from Mac Games Arcade. I played it through, everything works fine, until i tried to download the custom stories. they downloaded fine as zip files, they do not work. well, it doesnt work. i downloaded Wake and tried to put it in my Amnesia folder and the game still wouldnt recognize it. ive put it in about every file related to Amnesia, and it still does not work. Please help.

I don't know about Mac, but in Windows you have to place the custom stories in the custom_stories folder inside the game folder.

However, on Linux I believe it's a directory outside the game folder. Might be the same case for Mac.

Thank you for replying, but that was hardly helpful... Is there anybody here who has done this with a mac?
01-03-2011 07:02 AM
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