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Amnesia: An Unexpected Arrival [RELEASE] - v1.04
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RE: Amnesia: An Unexpected Arrival [RELEASE] - v1.04

Very, very good custom story, the atmosphere was very well created, although the Family Guy (Quagmire) reference with the chest in the beginning was just... dumb. I could only :/ at it. You don't just thrown in a joke senselessly like this, and especially not at the start of a dark and brooding game when the mood has already been set. Perhaps you should've left it for later on in the game, to break away from the brooding feel for a bit when the player is completely safe. The pacing you created was perfect otherwise.

I took some other notes while I played.

1 - In the same room, the water sound didn't loop, I guess some other member must've already mentioned it; incidentally, I noticed in the credits what you wrote and it's sad that you lost all your files, thus can't fix it, but I don't see how this would prevent you from making a sequel of sorts. Sorry if this sounds a bit ignorant, I have not read the rest of the thread.

2 - The screen didn't need to shake for so long when the first grunt appeared. That was kind of annoying.

3 - Two left arms inside the iron maiden? lol.

4 - Couldn't insert the lever into the machine socket right away. Needed a few tries to find the right spot to click.

5 - Naked statue in the middle of one of the rooms was really out of place. Like, silly out of place since it's so stretched.

6 - Despite the locked desk, I was still able to click on the bone saw inside it, sorry! I guess you planned on using it for something but never did, possibly in the sequel?

7 -
Spoiler below!
You are such an asshole, lol. I mean that in a good way, I absolutely loved the way you scripted the enemies in this game, but especially in the room with a bunch of corpses burning in the fireplace with blue fire. I ran back into this room to hide in the closet, but of course it was locked right then! Then I wanted to jump out the hole in the wall, but of course there was a second grunt waiting for me, all you can do is hide in the corner. Genius work, really.

8 - The hammer was just annoying to grab.

9 - Despite me saying I loved the pacing, I have to point out that there were too many earthquakes. It's kind of annoying, especially since there was no reason given for them. They happen in the main game due to the 'shadow' causing them, but here, are we supposed to assume that the same shadow is causing them? Or is it another supernatural entity altogether? Or are they just random?

I had a couple more things to mention but reading over them now they don't really matter. Great work, would like to see An Unexpected Arrival Part 2 if you ever make it. This custom story really rubbed me the right way, hurrhurr.
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07-22-2011 04:20 PM
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