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Terret's Mansion - The Infested Region [Demo Released][Videos]
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RE: Terret's Mansion - The Infested Region [Demo Released][Videos]

Very nice maps! My thoughts:

Spoiler below!
That moment with the charging monster in the beginning was a bit odd. The messaged said something like "the door mechanism is slow, be patient". I thought I would have to wait for it to open - of course the monster killed me then. Instead I obviously had to keep trying to open the door. Therefore, I would suggest a different message, something like a nervous monologue: "This is the only way out, I have to try harder!" or something. Otherwise: Great! I like these little thrills in custom stories, when the traditional running away gets spiced by such "obstacles".

I really liked that scary moment with the footsteps when entering the cellar!

The water level was great, too! Also it was good that there was water in front of the door leading to the water level - every Amnesia player knows what water of such depth means so I guess easily scared players will already fear to open that door.Smile

Finally, the large hall in the end looked very nice. I just hope that in the final version you don't have to use items from one end at the other end all the time. Too much running could bore people.

Keep up the very good work!
05-12-2011 04:25 PM
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