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Worst movie ever
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RE: Worst movie ever

(05-12-2012 09:43 PM)Prelauncher Wrote:  I do not agree with the Blair Witch project being bad, even though I don't like the ending I still like the movie as a whole. As for worst movie...hm since I'm a huge horror fan I've seen a shit ton of bad movies, there's nine bad movies on one good movie. One that comes to mind is...can't remember the name but it was about this man who bought a scrapyard because the goverment was gonna build a highway near it, he wanted to open a resturant or something that would make a lot of money. So he and his girlfriend moved to the scrapyard to start building, later on bad stuff started to happen, one of which being the main character getting shot in the face by a shotgun. He is then saved by a disgusting fat man who are "running" the scrapyard and spying on everyone with hidden cameras, jerking off to the main character and his girlfriend having sex etc. This fat man saves the main character by replacing bodyparts with pieces of metal and in order to stay alive the main character has to keep modifying his body with metal and...parts of his girlfriend and protect the scrapyard. All in all, one of the worst movies I've seen in my life. I didn't even watch the whole movie, turned it off after about 40 minutes when it started to get really disgusting and plain bad.
That's what "horror movies" are all about nowadays. Sex, gore, and a killer. It's annoying... It doesn't scare me at all, in fact, it's pathetic. I appreciate horror movies that strike fear WITHOUT jumping straight to the "serial killer" motive. Movies such as Blair Witch, Quarantine, Paranormal Activity, and (It's not scary but I appreciate it) The Grudge. The scene where the guy is reviewing a security tape scared the shit out of me. I wouldn't consider it horror, but my favorite movie of all would be Cloverfield. =]

I guess I'm a huge fan of the First Person style horror movies. I don't care if people say they get motion sick. I don't and I get immersed so much better because it feels more like I'm there rather than watching, say Friday the 13th or something.
05-14-2012 01:05 AM
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