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Falling Up
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Homicide13 Offline
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Falling Up

Originally made for the Teamnesia project that was suggested however long ago, I have instead decided to release my submission as a short stand-alone project. Falling Up is a short series of environments coupled together by puzzles and what will hopefully be an interesting gameplay idea. This project is intended to be more of a creative project than a logical story, and should be played as such. I consider Falling Up to be a showcase for my abilites as a modder and a game developer - it is meant to act as a (personal) standard in enviornment detail, and should therefore be viewed as an exibition in detail and puzzle design.


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04-06-2012 09:41 AM
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Skashi Away

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RE: Falling Up

Nice screenshotsd, I'll check it out Big Grin
04-06-2012 10:39 AM
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Dark Knight Offline
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RE: Falling Up

excellent and short puzzle blow mind map, like it!
but many of items are inactive.
04-06-2012 06:50 PM
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Cranky Old Man Offline
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RE: Falling Up

First off, you will need to understand that this is pretty much the opposite of a horror map. This is a showcase of mapping skill, and a single puzzle mechanic, and as such, it's almost flawless.
The only exception is that there's a certain precision jump. In order to even imagine that you can make this jump, you have to think of the world as consisting of static objects - that hanging fabric is stiff enough to stand on. Then, according to my own efforts, you'll only make the jump one time out of five. You'll take damage every time, and if you don't manage to make the jump before you are down to your final hitpoint (and thus won't be able to make the jump ever due to lowered speed) you will notice that you are not capable of dying, and will have to restart the story.
Another thing is that you can't interact with anything except the puzzle elements. While this is good for laying bare the puzzle, it removes almost half of the Amnesia game-play. What matters is the key, the lock, and everything else is just scenery.
While a bit messy, this scenery is very, very close to professional standards.
Just remember that this is a short, simple no-horror showcase puzzle map, and you wont be disappointed.


Noob scripting tutorial: From Noob to Pro

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04-08-2012 09:01 PM
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