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Looking for expierenced scripter and modeler
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Looking for expierenced scripter and modeler

Hi all :D

So in case you have yet to figure out what this thread is about, I'm looking for and experienced scripter as well as a modeler to work on a Full conversion mod I am working on. I will be doing the mapping and already have the story outlined, Its really a good story and hopefully will be something no one has seen before. I am not going to reveal anything about the story here, I will pm details if you would like.

So onto what I am looking for:

I need a good scripter, I know the basics but i would love to have a more experienced set of eyes to make my ideas really come to life. You would be doing the majority of the scripting, I will set up areas ahead of time in the mapping as well as give you a list of area names, entity names, and names of anything to be used in a script. Hopefully make your job a bit easier Please PM if interested in a large project! Don't worry you will receive serious credit as you would be helping the game to be released a lot sooner, I take forever in scripting :P.

I'm looking for one specific model to made, a custom monster, but if you are interested and willing to do more it would be great to have you. Having a modeler would allow for a lot more detail in the map, there is really only room for improvement :) I would love to see what some of you guys are capable of.

Details of custom monster request:
yeah i know everybody wants their own custom monster :P but nonetheless I really need this monster as it would play a vital role in the story so here is what is needed. Monster needs to be basically a reanimated corpse of a burn victim, specifically female. With like charred skin and bits where brittle flesh has torn off, maybe some ragged bandages and some nasty clumps of hair on her head. Make sure the girl seems to be rather young, (before she burned to death) about 12 or 13, as well as tall and thin ( shorter then the grunt, but not too short you know?)

So if you are wondering I will explain a few details of the story, don't worry just the basics (no spoilers unless you are interested in working on this project). So Basically, You play as a mother of 3, 2 boys from fathers side (daughter being your only actual child), and wife to a rich entrepreneur in the early 1900's. One day tragedy strikes when your humble abode (Big ass mansion) is engulfed in flames. You pass out from inhaled fumes and lose a majority of your memory, the last thing you remember was your daughters blood curdling screams for help. You awake in crackling charred remains of your home, trapped.

So yeah that's a brief intro to the story to spark your interest. Also, I plan on and have already written the several endings, their will be about 4 or 5 endings (debating on whether or not to use the last one). The game is going to be extremely story based and horrifying on a deeper emotional level, almost traumatic ;) . The game leaves you wanting to know more about who you are rather then forces the story down your throat while a naked guy flies down a hallway at 20000000 mph. I will go into more detail with those who are actually going to help :) so again if you interested please PM me. Also I would be more the willing to hear a few ideas and/or critiques on the story, I love good feedback <3 .

I know this was kinda long so thank you for your time :) I hope you enjoy my story and look forward to its release. I have two other stories near completion (shorter stories) that I have put on hold to focus completely on this. Again, Thank you for your time I love you all <3 (no homo).

Nothings scarier then a screaming naked man flying down a hallway at 200mph.....wait...what?
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