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[SOLVED] Need Beta Testers
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Stepper321 Offline
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RE: Need Beta Testers

(05-13-2012 04:17 PM)lolboy9797 Wrote:  Again thank you for your feedback, english is not my main language and i'm just a kid soo for me this is a bit complicated.
I will try the best as I can on this. Your feedback is great, of course it's not funny to hear but I can handle it.
[font=arial, sans-serif]The scares and coding is also i bit [/font]complicated.

Thank you, if you got any tips & trick I would love to get some. Wink
Hey, i'm gonna play the map right now and give a little commentary from what i think that is. I'll put it hidden. So nobody except for who has the link can view the video. Please say if you want it linked to you, or maybe i may put it public, or just link it hidden here.

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05-13-2012 05:41 PM
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RE: [SOLVED] Need Beta Testers

(05-13-2012 02:42 PM)lolboy9797 Wrote:  Hi

Can some of you guys test my map? Please
If you want to look for bugs, wrong spelling etc.

here is a link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ojxtcskyqxhvsvo

thanks! Big Grin
Okay, I have now test it.
I didn't found that much bugs, but, two things..

.png  It's...png (Size: 161.77 KB / Downloads: 20)

It's maybe just me, but I think that the "It" isn't necessary. It can be " The locked door, in the Corridor, needs a key" Or maybe just another form, Like " the door in the corridor needs a key to open".Even though that is kinda obvious ^^

and the second thing i reacted to was, when you picked up the key, it just said "picked up" and it isn't any Description for it.

Otherwise, it made me jump twice Wink

keep it up! (Y)

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05-13-2012 07:18 PM
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