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Test room
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Earthykiller127 Offline

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Information Test room

The test room, what more to ask?
its a simple, dark room with a bed, chair next to it, and a desk with a note and a lantern. the room is huge.
its pretty dark, there just a light source, if you want to ask me why, i did this cause i wanted to test the light tool.

feel free to use it to test stuff, and to add light.

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?b7dzaz0a5h799p1
(facepalm) almost forgot the screenshot Tongue :
[Image: JB0ZD.jpg]

I'll make it short
I am
Spoiler below!
Black ☆ Rock Shooter
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11-21-2012 03:26 PM
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Rapture Offline
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RE: Test room

Good lord what happened to that poor wall?
11-21-2012 08:03 PM
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johnbox Offline

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RE: Test room

This Wall ! >__>

Fine, first: Never stretch the walls itself using the scale-tool. Just put wall after wall, wall after wall, and everything will look fine.

Secondly: The map looks ok, for a testmap it's fine, but some more detail would be nice. I just see a table, a bed, and a chair. Bring some life into the map, paper piles, paints, carpets, maybe the deskdoor, which is missing, and I think you didn't really wanted it like this, just... DETAILS <3
Not too much, but, nah, find a good balance between detailed and too full. Wink

Yeah... that's it so far,

have fun, and a nice evening ^^

edit: well, I just noticed, that you just created it as an testroom for lighting. Thought his was just a testroom to get used to the leveleditor, sorry. I should read more carefully. But that wall should be changed anyway. ^^

edit2: Thought, I'll add some more information to the real topic. So, what would I change?
You made this room for testing lights... A normal room with a bed+chair can be made in 1 minute and testing lights is very limited due the very few objects, so it's not that useful yet. But... if you add some interesting things, corners, windows, more obstacles for testing shadows, other rays etc., lamps, candles, water, things with much reflection etc., than it could get interesting, because it's actually some work -> takes some time. That's what you want to save with offering this map, other people time, Maybe you should think about hardly reworking it, otherwise it doesn't makes much sense.

Working on a full conv.-mod, first pictures coming soon...

Working with Blender and other Stuff since 2009.
Using HPL-Engine since 2012 (learning..)
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11-21-2012 10:19 PM
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Statyk Offline
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RE: Test room

I still don't see why people upload their test maps. No offense, but I'm sure modders here have already created their own test maps and to keep the forums more clean, I'm gonna lock this one down.
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11-21-2012 11:04 PM
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