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Discovered Frictional Games Worthy Monsters Online
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The Rock Worm Offline
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Discovered Frictional Games Worthy Monsters Online

While I was taking a break and enjoying the holidays, I found two images online yesterday that just beg to be put into Amnesia. I then decided to start this thread, a place where you can put/attach your own monster ideas and discuss on how to put it in Amnesia or show one that you found and discuss how to modify its look to add it to Amnesia. Think about it, what was one of the things made Amnesia scary after Penumbra? You encountered new things that Penumbra didn't have; new textures, new models, new monsters, etc. Adding something never before seen in Amnesia would add to the scare and gameplay. I will first describe the image in italics, then put the link to it below it.

This first image, called BLOB by Alex Truis, is something I expect to see in Amnesia. It is mostly human, but when you see its front you realize it's no longer human. Claws for hands and a horrifying head, even more so than a Brute/Grunt. No eyes, but one massive mouth that can comfortably fit your head!


This next image is of an expedition in Antarctica discovering something truly horrifying! Now I've been familiar with theories/ideas of an alien city or human-to-dino sized monster under the ice of Antarctica, buteven I never imagined this one! You can't see all of it, but it's such a size that Godzilla and Cthulhu would have nightmares of this thing. Now to see this thing in-game, I have some thoughts on that. Your first glance could be a 'cut-scene'; your in a helicopter and for a moment you get a flash of insight and see the monster. The second shot(s), following the example above, you feel determined to find the monster buried in the ice and eventually reach it/walk on it (before it wakes up that it). Now this thing doesn't have to be one massive model, only parts can be moving while the rest still; for it escaping, one can go to cut-scene where the humans and their camp seem to be dots (actually they'd be miniature version of the area you played) while the creature (which would actually be player sized or so) escapes Antarctica.

I hope you think the concept behind these images would be great for Amnesia like me. I also hope to see your own monster ideas to add to Amnesia. To anyone here that can make Amnesia Monsters, please feel free to come here and offer aid to help make mine and future user ideas into the gaming world!
12-07-2012 05:18 PM
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The chaser Offline
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RE: Discovered Frictional Games Worthy Monsters Online

You really like monsters, huh?

Anyways, I don't really expect these monsters to appear, but these are some I've been imagining:


The finder is a metalic monster, like a robot. It has human shape, and very large metallic fingers. If it hits you you are dead. It has two glowing lights (eyes). Nothing more, though.


He is very tall, with very large arms and fingers (kinda like Slender). It has human shape, but you can see how the skeleton is marked in the constantly bleeding skin. It has a skull instead a normal head. When you don't look him, he moves. If you stay quiet, he finally gets you and destroys your neck with his hand. Otherwise, don't run, because he adapts to your speed. Just, walk fast. He makes false copies of him so you get distracted.


He is very strong, nervous and very angry with everything (including the player). He smashes everything he finds, making deep screams. He has stones covered with blood as skin. Bullets don't affect him, the only thing that does so is fire. The fire gets in the organism and kills him. In this period, he gets even angrier.

Well, here concludes my in-love monster list.

[Image: k6vbdhu]

Aculy iz dolan.
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12-07-2012 05:27 PM
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kartanonperuna Offline
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RE: Discovered Frictional Games Worthy Monsters Online

Oh so this is like create your own monster thing?

Hmm I dunno why but I've been thinking of a monster that has very jaggy and fast moves like,well for example as the "Remnant" that has been shown here.But its slow when moving.Just when he turns hes really fast.Almost in a blink of an eye he can turn his head-And it has a mirror for its face.Theres just something scary that you could see your own horrified face on the monster's where-his-face-is-supposed-to-be.

So theyre:

Extremely good hearing.
Fast turning.
Mirror face.
Very skinny.
Very pale.Can see the veins easily.
Hands-well theres is no hands actually.Just big scissors.And I dont mean like scissors in each arm but theyre connected.Its one big scissors.He carries it around heavily, dragging it on the ground.

The name would be Idem.

I can imagine Idem grabbing the victim and holding it up in the air with the scissor blades and the victim can see trough the mirror as hes about to get beheaded.

Heres a quick drawing i made of it with fantastic Paint.I'm actually impressed how well I drew this.I have never drawn so well in my life.My god.

[Image: Idemconcept.png]

Voice actor

Painful shadows

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12-07-2012 05:36 PM
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MaZiCUT Offline
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RE: Discovered Frictional Games Worthy Monsters Online

Those are some scary motherfuckers ;O

12-07-2012 06:29 PM
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The Rock Worm Offline
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RE: Discovered Frictional Games Worthy Monsters Online

Just found some well drawn images online. I will describe the monster concept by putting it in a scene.

You're in a research facility in Antarctica, trying to find out what happened to everyone there and your girlfriend Lora. The place looks as if something mauled it, but you've as yet to find anybody. As you enter one of the labs, you see a female scientist, but not Lora, at the far end frantically looking for something. With renewed hope, you rush to her. Hope turns to horror as she spots you and reveals to you she was a Shoggoth in disguise!

http://hullingen.deviantart.com/art/Lady...-198140478 and http://hullingen.deviantart.com/art/Lady...-216440060

Can you imagine you freaked out you'd be, not knowing which survivor is human and which is Shoggoth. If you don't try to find survivors, you'll never find Lora nor learn what happened. Yet if you do, you run the great risk of meeting a dangerous Shoggoth! It's better than an invisible monster, it's a monster that is right in front of you and you don't even realize you're in danger!

This idea appeals to me so much I think I will have it as my sequel for The Dark Depths (I haven't finished cause of the holidays and how to end it).
12-07-2012 09:53 PM
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