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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Walkthrough 1/3
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Full Walkthrough 1/3

Title: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Date: September 13, 2010
System: PC
Author: Adenosine
E-mail: NOSPAM@classiccase@hotmail.com (Remove NOSPAM@ to contact me).
Version: 1.00

V 1.00 - September 13, 2010

Table of Contents:

Part 1
- Introduction
- Preparation
- Basic Controls
- Basic Strategy

Part 2
I. Following The Liquid Trail
II. Secret Door in the Local History Room
III. Exiting The Archives
IV. Trip to The Laboratory
V. Chemical Hunting
VI. Creating The Acid
VII. Trip to The Refinery
VIII. Cellar Archives
IX. Back Hall
X. The Machine Room Key
XI. Elevator Parts Hunting
XII. Fixing The Elevator
XIII. Prison Exploration
XIV. Prison Northern Block Exploration
XV. Cistern Exploration
XVI. Cistern Control Room
XVII. Morgue and The Vaccine
XVIII. Sewer Exploration
XIX. Escape From the Sewer
XX. Nave Exploration
XXI. Collecting The Orb Pieces and Agrippa's Tonic Ingredients
XXII. Escape From The Cell
XXIII. Making Agrippa's Tonic
XXIV. Assembling The Orb
XXV. Facing Alexander

Part 3
- Extras

Part 4
- Copyright Information

Part 1


Hello once more horror fans! Welcome to Amnesia: The Dark Descent! This is
truly a game that can give you genuine fear from start to finish. You play
as Daniel, a man who wakes up in a castle and has no recollection of what
he is doing there or who he is. His only reality is that there is no other
way out and he has to explore the castle on his own in an effort to
uncover the mystery of his lost memories and the castle itself.

The game is very atmospheric. Rays of light penetrate the beautiful
windows of the castle early on, only to be replaced by an embracing
darkness as you make progress in the castle. Creepy sounds such as the
gust of wind blowing to creaking doors can be heard. Are you truly alone
in this castle, or is there someone else?

Tension builds slowly as moans and angry howls start to be heard. What
is it that is making those sounds? Why is the source getting nearer and
nearer? You know that whatever it is, you don't want to be seen by it.
Where can you hide? The darkness that is the source of your fear will
have to do as your temporary security blanket as whatever it is hunting
you passes by nearby.

Fortunately for you, there are candles and lamps that you can light up
in the castle to make your your exploration less taxing, but for how long
can you keep your sanity? Were the things you heard just your imaginings?
Was that figure that saw slowly shambling around the corner just a
product of your anxiety?

Whatever happens, there is only one way to learn the truth, and that is
to gather as much courage as you can and brave on into the darkness.


The first thing that you have to know about this game is that there is no
way of fighting back against whatever thing it is that is hunting you.
Your only options are to run away or hide in a room or a closet. Sometimes,
you can also hide in the corner where there is darkness to avoid being

Sanity plays a big role in the game. The more you stay in dark areas
without a light, the worse your sanity gets. Sanity is represented in the
game by how clear your vision is and how easy you are to control. The
worse the condition of your sanity is, the more your vision tends to
blur and become wavy, and you become harder to move around, as if you're
drunk. Your sanity is sometimes forced by the game as part of an
important situation, but sometimes you can recover it slowly by staying
near lights.

Before you begin exploring the castle, it is important to make sure that
the key configuration suits you well. Make sure that the controls to
running, leaning left/right, crouching, and bringing up the lantern are
easy for you to do.

Basic Controls:

You are just a simple human being with amnesia. You have no super powers,
and you don't even know how to use weapons. Your only hope of survival is
through your stealth, agility, and intelligence.

Picking Up Objects - left click on anything where your mouse cursor becomes
a hand and you will be able to pick it up by moving the mouse.

Moving Picked Up Objects Nearer Or Away - left click on anything where
your mouse cursor becomes a hand, click on the thing to pick it up, and
then move the mouse wheel towards or away from you to move the object
the same.

Throwing Objects - pick up any object and then right click.

Moving Objects - some objects are too heavy to pick up, such as huge
rocks and wood used as framework. To move heavy objects, left click on it
and then move in the direction you want to push or pull it.

Running - simply hold down the run key as you move around.

Basic Strategy:

1. When staying in a room, always close the door behind you.

You never know when a monster might suddenly wander around nearby and
spot you. It is good practice to always shut the door behind you to
avoid being discovered. Even if a monster senses you and starts making
sounds, it'll take a few seconds for it to break down the door to your
room, giving you enough time to hopefully hide in a dark corner or
inside a cabinet.

2. Always leave one of a cabinet's door open.

When you are in a room, find a cabinet and leave one of its doors open.
If ever you hear a monster approaching, you can quickly hide inside and
wait until the monster leaves the room.

3. Always leave doors to potential hiding places open.

As you explore the castle, you will encounter long hallways. There are
times in the game when a monster will suddenly wander around and you'll
have to quickly find a hiding place. Having the doors already open will
save you time so that all you have to do is concentrate on shutting the
door tight behind you and quickly finding a dark corner or a cabinet to
hide in.

4. Conserve tinderboxes and oil.

Tinderboxes are used to light up candles and lamps, while oil is used to
light up your portable oil lamp. You will only be able to find a few of
these so don't waste them all in just one area.

5. Light up important areas.

Since you are on limited supply of tinderboxes and oil, only light up
areas that could serve as a place to regain your sanity. Good places to
light up are inside rooms where it's relatively safe so that you can
actually spend some time regaining sanity, and corners of hallways so
that you'll have a better view of what might be there.

6. Open all drawers, check behind/under grouped objects.

Some tinderboxes and oil can be found inside drawers or behind objects
that are grouped together, such as barrels. Always open and check behind
or under anything that could be moved to find these important supplies.

7. Don't panic.

It's dark and you think you saw a monster. Don't panic because it will
cause you to make mistakes or even bump into the thing. Just remember
that you have a plan for such situations, such as quickly hiding into
a nearby room which you already prepared beforehand.

Part 2

I. Following The Liquid Trail

After starting the game, we find out that Daniel is in a hazy state. He's
trying to force himself remember stuff, such as where he lives and what
his name is. He also says that his mission is the kill Alexander. After
walking around, he falls unconscious.

Later on, he wakes up and you gain control of him. Look around you.
Something will be written to your journal. Press J to open your journal
and then choose Mementos. This is where your current objectives are
listed. Currently, it tells you to "Follow the liquid trail and its

Before we follow the trail, beside you is a door. Go near the door and
left click on it and hold it. Move your mouse forward and backward to
get a feel of how to open a door. Go inside. You'll find a table with
a candle and a tinderbox on it. Grab the tinderbox. You can also try to
experiment how to hold an object and rotating it. Try it on the chair
just so you know how it works.

When you're done experimenting in the room, it's time to go back out.
From the room, turn right and head straight into the next area. It's
a hallway with suits of armor. If you go near a suit of armor, you can
actually pick up the helmet part for fun. There is a large door at the
end but you can't open it.

Follow the pink liquid trail on the ground into the next area. Whoa! a
gust of wind blows open a door! On your left is a cabinet. Open it and
you'll find another tinderbox. Now let's go inside the room that the
wind blew open.

Inside this room is a well lit area. You might want to check out the
other objects that you can pick up and play around with them. Wine bottles
break if you throw them. There's also a tinderbox on the table so grab it.

Go back out of the room and continue forward. Near the liquid trail is
another cabinet so open it. There's another tinderbox for you to take.
Continue following the trail and go through the door.

Move up the stairs and continue moving forward. Midway through the hall,
you'll hear a very loud sound and fall over. After getting up, continue
on your way and you'll find the next room where a cabinet has fallen over.
Move forward and another door will open on its own. Before that, look to
the right and you'll find a small dark room. Go in it and go to the end
where a shelf is. Another tinderbox is there for the taking.

Get out of the dark room and now go inside the room that opened on its
own. Yikes! The lights suddenly died on their own! Get out of the room.
To your right is a cabinet, open it. Too bad there's no tinderbox inside,
but it's a good habit to open every cabinet you find anyway, in case a
random spawn of tinderbox is in there.

Continue to follow the trail which leads downstairs into the Old Archives.

Old Archives

Continue following the trail, and as you turn right, another gust of wind
blows the lights out and another door opens. Enter the room and go down.
In the middle shelf just in front of the water puddle are two tinderboxes,
grab them.

Get out of the room and continue following the liquid trail into the next

Inside this room, you'll find a lantern/oil lamp, which is one of your
most important belongings in the game! Don't leave without it!!!

Upon entering this room, another gust of wind blows. Follow the trail to
the table and on the ground, you'll find a lantern. If you're facing the
table, to the left is a chest. Open it. This is the first chest of the
many that you can open throughout the game. A tinderbox is inside so take

Follow the trail into the next room. Another earthquake with a weird sound
will rock the castle. Continue moving forward and you'll find a furnace
in the room, as well as a cabinet. Open the cabinet and you'll find one
more tinderbox. You can also open the furnace. There will be furnaces
later on in the game that are not lit, and sometimes they contain
tinderboxes inside.

When you're done, follow the trail and enter the next room. You'll
automatically look at the table. You'll see two items on it, a piece of
paper and some oil that you can use to fill up your lantern. Grab the
oil and then read the paper.

We find out that Daniel apparently wrote this letter to himself. He drank
a potion that made him forget a lot of things, but reminds himself in the
letter to always hate Alexander. He tells himself that he has to kill
Alexander, who is an old guy located in the Inner Sanctum of the castle.
Strangely, the letter also states that a "shadow" is hunting Daniel down.
There is no other way to fight it, so his only choice is to hide from it.

There's nothing else left in the room to be picked up. On the left side
of the room is a level on the wall. Pull it down and a nearby shelf will
move. Move in there and go through the door to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall

Move up the stairs and continue forward and to the center where a circle
is on the ground. A flashback occurs. You'll also see some red liquid
trail to the right of the circle, going down stairs. Follow it as the
flashback plays and open the door.

We learn that this is the path to the Refinery through the flashback. At
present, there's a weird red organic matter that's blocking the way. Get
near it and something will be written in the journal. Open your journal
and read the Memento for your next objective.

You'll need something to dissolve the red organic thing, so let's get back
to exploring. Exit the room, go up the stairs and turn right. Move
forward and you'll find another flight of stairs. Go up the stairs. As
you go up, you'll hear a girl panic. Don't mind it for now, it's probably
just your mind playing tricks on you.

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, turn right and move forward. You'll
find a red door to the Archives. Before we enter, if you'll notice,
there's another flight of stairs going down to the right, just before
the door to the Archives. Go down and on the stairs, you'll find a
tinderbox. Go back up and this time, we can now enter the Archives.


Upon entering, you'll notice that to the right is a door. The sign says
"Libra Rari" or "Rare Books". Enter the room and on the table you'll
find a piece of paper. Pick it up.

We find out that Daniel was on an expedition in Africa with a certain
Professor Herbert. They were looking for a tomb related to the "Tin Hinan",
translated as "The Mother of Us All".

Get out of the room and go inside the one in front of us called "Catalogi"
or "Catalogues". On the shelf in the left corner is a note. Pick it up.
It's just a 3 year contract for a man named Wilhelm, employed by

Open the drawers of the table and you'll find a tinderbox. To the right of
the room is a door. Go through it and you'll be in the hallway. Across
you is the "Studium" or "Study". Go inside.

On the far side is a table. Open the drawers and you'll find another
tinderbox. There's also a piece of paper on the table so pick it up.

It's a continuation of Daniel's expedition diary. We find out that on
that day, he took some people with him to explore the underground passage
and they found an ante-chamber. A rock suddenly blocked their way so
he ordered his men to raise it. As he got through, the rock came down and
he was trapped.

After reading, go through the other door in the room. You'll be in the
hallway once more. The door in front of you leads to "Libri Veteres" or
"Old Tomes". Go inside it.

Whoa! A book suddenly fell on its own! Behind the table is a chest and
a furnace. Open the chest to get a tinderbox and oil. Open the furnace
to get a tinderbox. Get out of the room and back to the hallway.

Turn right and you'll see another door. It's the "Historia Loci" room or
"Local History". You can't open it and something will be written in your
journal. You'll have to find another way in. Turn right and continue down
the hall into the next area. You'll be in a very large room. To your right
is a piano. Go near it. Eek! It closed on its own! Maybe it doesn't want
you touching it.

Anyway, from where you came in before you looked at the piano, turn left
and move forward. To the left is a room, go inside. Continue on your way
and you'll find a table on the right. It has a bottle of oil on top of it
so grab it. Move on and you'll find a room to the right called "Delineatae
Imagines Tabulatis", or simply the room for the "Floor Plans". Enter it.

Go the the middle of the room and look to the left. You'll find a board
with paper on it. You'll have another flashback where Daniel and Alexander
are talking about weaknesses in the structure that have to be reinforced
due to the shadow. Anyway, on the far corner of the room is another chest.
Open it and take the oil and the tinderbox inside. Get out of the room.

The next room is called "Tabulae" or "Maps". Before you can even set foot
inside, the ceiling from where you came in from collapses! Anyway, go
inside the room and check the table. Open the drawers first and you'll
find a tinderbox. On the table is another piece of paper, read it.

Daniel collapses after picking up the paper. An interactive flashback
occurs. As Daniel narrates, you'll see a glowing light in front of you.
Move forward and you'll find some sort of orb. Grab it with your hand and
it shines even more. Daniel gets up soon.

Get out of the room and look on the wall to your left. You'll notice that
on the corner it is badly damaged. Touch it and it will tell you that it
is fragile but not breakable by hand. Look around in the hallway and find
something to throw at it and it'll break open.

***ALTERNATE SOLUTION******************************************************
Instead of throwing something on the weak spot of the wall, you can simply
keep on left clicking it and it will eventually break.

After the wall breaks open, jump into the next room and another flashback
occurs. It's Daniel and Alexander talking about some secret room
mechanism in the Local History room.

II. Secret Door in the Local History Room

Now is our first real puzzle to solve. Before anything else, the shelf in
front of you has an oil bottle, so pick it up. On the far left side of the
room is another piece of paper inside a glass case. Pick up a book or
something else, and then throw it at the glass case. It will break and
you'll be able to pick up and read the paper.

On the other far side of the room is a shelf where if you get too close,
you'll notice that there's another room behind it. The way to make this
shelf move is by pulling three books fast enough.

The first book is on the shelf to the left from where you entered this
room. Don't worry, the three books all look the same and are very easy
to spot. It's the bright colored book that is simply screaming to be
pulled out. Pull the first book and you'll hear the mechanism to start

The second and third books are on the shelf facing the main door on the
other side. The second book is near the secret door, while the third book
is near the glass cases. Pull them quickly and the secret door will be

Go inside this new room and you'll notice that there is a cabinet to the
left. Open one door of this cabinet, just leave it open. Before taking
the key, check the tables drawers. You'll find another piece of paper
you can read.

It seems that Wilhelm and his gang have been kidnapping people and the
sheriff's after them. The writer of the note contemplates of locking them
up because they can't seem to stay out of the public eye and they would be
endangering his research.

After reading the note, go ahead and grab the key on the table. It's the
key to the Wine Cellar, which we'll need later on. Oh no! Something just
busted the door open! Fortunately it's nothing!

III. Exiting The Archives

Get out through the newly busted open door. Turn left and head on straight.
Yikes! Something just growled! Quickly run back to the Local History room
then into the secret room, and finally hide in the cabinet that you left
open! Wait for awhile until you think whatever it is has moved away.

Get out of the cabinet and exit the Local History room. Turn left and go
to where you heard the angry sound earlier. It's gone! Now we can exit
the Archives. Turn right to where the piano is and move forward. You'll
find another hallway to your right so go there.

You might suddenly encounter another sound from whatever it is. If you do,
quickly run back to the secret room and hide in the cabinet and then wait
a while. When you think it's safe to go out, then go back to that hallway
and then you can finally exit back to the Entrance Hall! If you are near
the exit and you hear another sound, just make a run for it!

IV. Trip to The Laboratory

As soon as you exit the Archives and arrive at the Entrance Hall, the
area around the door will suddenly transform into the red organic matter!
Don't touch it, just run forward and try to jump over it. Those things
will hurt you!

After you've gotten past them, move to the far other end, then go down
the stairs. Turn right and then go down the stairs again. You'll have two
directions to go, left and right. To the left is the Wine Cellar. To the
right is the Laboratory. Let's go to the laboratory first.


Move forward and head down the stairs. As soon as you reach the ground,
turn right and go to the left corner. Oh no, a growl! Nothing to worry
about. You'll find a bottle of oil near the fallen shelf in the corner.

To the left of the stairs you'll find some barrels and shelves in the
corner. Jump on top of the barrels and you'll find another bottle of oil
on the top of the shelf.

Go into the next room and down the stairs. To your right, you'll find
a chest hidden by the crates. Open it to get a tinderbox. Move the crates
around and you'll find another tinderbox in the corner.

Move into the main room and look to the right. There's a table with
equipment there. There's also a note on the table so pick it up. It tells
you that the chemicals in the lab have been transported to the Wine Cellar.

Before we go hunt for the chemicals, we'll need to get a few things from
the lab first. On the shelf opposite the equipment table, there's a bottle
of oil for you.

Look into the red grating on the ground. You'll have a flashback where
Alexander speaks of some ingredients. On the other side of the room is
another furnace. Open it and grab the tinderbox. Open the drawers of the
table in front of the furnace and you'll get a tinderbox. You'll also find
a strange canister which seems to act like a flashback diary.

Touch the strange canister and you'll read about somebody who wants to
go home to his lover. The person also states that while others only want
power, all he wants is fair judgment.

After "reading" the canister, pick up the Chemistry Pot on the table and
then read the note there. It's a note that says if you combine four
chemicals, you'll be able to create a strong acid.

Now that we're done with the laboratory, it's time to head to the Wine
Cellar to get the four chemicals!

V. Chemical Hunting

Get out of the main laboratory and then up the stairs, then go through
the door to the Entrance Hall. Once you are back in the Entrance Hall,
simply move forward then down the stairs and you'll reach the door to
the Wine Cellar.

The Wine Cellar's door is locked, but don't worry, we already have the
key! Press TAB and find the Wine Cellar Key in your inventory. Double
click on it and you'll notice that it has become your cursor! Click on
the Wine Cellar door and it will be unlocked!

Wine Cellar

Move forward and go down the stairs. Another weird sound! Nothing to worry
about. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, you'll hear a bunch of
Wilhelm's men being happy because of the wine despite being locked in.

Look at the wall to the right, there's a map of the place. While looking
at the map, turn right and let's enter that room.

Inside this room in the corner is an oil barrel. Use it to fill up your
lantern if you need to. On the shelf nearby is a tinderbox. On the
other end of the room is a table in the corner with another tinderbox.

There's also a fallen table and near it is one of our chemicals. Get the
bottle of chemical and another earthquake occurs. A barrel falls and
Daniel gets knocked out for a while. After waking up, you'll see that the
door is now blocked by rocks and wood. Move the rocks and the wood away
and get out of the room.

If you're interested to know what chemical we just picked up, press TAB
and we'll find out that it's called Calamine.

Anyway once you're out of the room, turn left and we'll enter that room.
Upon entering, the door to your left will start banging! Nothing to fear!
Open the door and enter the room.

You'll be greeted by pieces of strange meat on the floor. Touching them
only makes a squishy sound. Continue on and explore the room. Another
flashback occurs where Wilhelm and gang start dying horrible deaths.

Open the chest in the middle of the room for a tinderbox. To the left is
another room. Inside, you'll find a cabinet and a table with another
chemical and a note. Read the note.

It's Wilhelm's final words! He finally exposes that he's become a
kidnapper for hire, and in return, Alexander would say good things about
him that will help him get a better place in society. Unfortunately, they
all got locked up in the Wine Cellar by Alexander. Somehow, they're all
dying in weird ways, but he has accepted this as a form of punishment
for all the bad things that he has done.

After reading his touching letter, grab the chemical, which is Aqua Regia.
Get out of the room and you'll be back to where the stairs are. Move to
the map on the wall. We'll enter the door next to it.

Inside is a very simple room. There is a table and a chemical bottle sits
on top of it. Grab the chemical. It is called Cuprite. You'll hear another
weird sound, but it's nothing to worry about.

Get out of the room and turn right. Move along the wall and you'll reach
another door. Try opening it. Another weird sound is heard and the door
won't open. Just continue moving along the wall to the next door.

Enter the room. Turn left and move forward. On the shelf in the corner
is a bottle of Laundanum. Laundanum is a potion that restores your health
a little bit whenever you are damaged.

Oh no!!! After picking up the Laundanum, a monster somehow shows up! Near
the door we came from! DO NOT LOOK BACK! The more you look at it, the more
it will notice you! Turn off your lantern as well because it will attract
its attention! Just look at the wall while you're crouching in the corner
and listen for his sounds. Hopefully he'll leave you alone soon.

You can check if he's still around by quickly looking behind you, then
leaning to the right to see if he's still standing around. If he is, just
continue looking at the wall. Check back every 10 seconds or so and
eventually he'll disappear.

Once he is gone, it's time to move forward. You might want to light
one of the torches near the door to make your vision less hazy. Anyway,
move on forward to the other part of the room.

Whoa! Some stuff starts falling through the hole on the ceiling. Continue
on. To the right from where the stuff fell is a torch. In front of the
torch is a shelf with a tinderbox on top. To reach the tinderbox, move
some crates in front of the shelf to create stairs you can jump on. There's
also another tinderbox on the other shelf near to the torch which can be
easily grabbed.

Move into the next room which has a lot of wine bottles. The shelf directly
in front of you has a tinderbox at the bottom. Move forward and the
area with wine bottles to the left has another shelf with a tinderbox
near the corner. Continue on to the last corner of the room and you'll find
another tinderbox and the last chemical called Orpiment on the shelf.

Go back from where you came from and there's a door to your left. Open
the door and you'll see the stairs in front of you. Make your way up
and get out of the Wine Cellar!

After exiting the Wine Cellar, the area becomes full of the red organic
stuff! Run straight and enter the Laboratory quickly!

VI. Creating The Acid


Go down the stairs and back into the main laboratory room. Go to the
equipment table with the bottles and stuff. Now it's time to combine
our chemicals!

Press TAB and double click on one of the chemicals. It doesn't matter
which one you pick, as soon as you have chosen one, click on any of the
bottles in front of you and they'll fill it up. Do it to the rest of the

As you try to fill up all of the bottles, another angry roar is heard.
Don't worry about it and just put all of the chemicals in the bottles.

When you're done, turn the valve on the very left to the right. You can
do this by clicking on the valve and then rotating your mouse clockwise.
Suddenly, the flames will come out from under the chemical bottles.

Open your inventory and double click on the Chemistry Pot and click on
the bottles. Your chemistry pot will then be placed under a faucet
connected to the chemicals.

The final step to complete our chemical combination is the turn all of the
four valves above the chemical bottles in a clockwise direction. After
doing so, the Chemical Pot will be filled with glowing acid. Grab
it to have a pot of acid!

VII. Trip to The Refinery


From the main laboratory, go up the stairs. Oh no! You'll find that the
stairs have been destroyed due to the earthquake! There's a few possible
ways to solve this problem.

Broken Stairs Solution 1:

If you just got up from the main laboratory room, you'll see the now
broken stairs. To the left is a wall with rocks. Near it are two wooden
pieces of floor. Pick one up and put it near the torch in front of the
area without the railings above. It will automatically attach itself there
and you can climb up. Just left click when you see the ladder icon and
you will go to "climbing mode". Just move up and you'll start climbing
until you reach the top.

Broken Stairs Solution 2:

Similar to the first one, but this time, grab a wooden piece of floor
near the rocks on the wall, and then put it near the broken part of the
stairs. It will automatically attach itself and you can climb normally.

Broken Stairs Solution 3:

Some people might not have noticed the wooden pieces of floor, but there's
another way to surpass this challenge without using them. Grab some
barrels from the corner of the room and put them in front of the ground
where the stairs got broken. Next, grab a box and put it on top of a
barrel. Jump on the broken part of the stairs, then jump on the box which
sits on top of a barrel. Now you can jump forward to reach the higher
broken part of the stairs and proceed normally!

Now that you have reached the higher level again, let's exit the place and
head back to the Entrance Hall.

Entrance Hall

As soon as you get out of the Laboratory, run! Turn left and go back up
to the main Entrance Hall. Before we enter the Refinery, let's grab some
extra stuff first.

From the center of the Entrance Hall where the circle is, there's another
hall that we haven't visited yet. Check out this hall. On the left wall
is a chest. Open it to get a tinderbox and a bottle of oil. Proceed down
the hall and near the end, the last shelf has three boxes near it. Move
the boxes to reveal a hidden bottle of oil.

You can try to open the doors at the end, but suddenly those red organic
stuff will cover it. Go back to the main Entrance Hall and then move down
the stairs near the circle. Go through the door and we're back to the place
that the red organic stuff is blocking. Open your inventory, double click
on the Pot of Acid, and then use it on the red organic matter. Watch it
dissolve! Now move along and go through the door.


At least we're at the Refinery! Move forward and you'll have another
flashback of Daniel asking Alexander why it's so dark in the Refinery.

Continue moving and you'll eventually hear another weird sound. Just
move along and you'll reach an open room with giant barrels. As you enter
the room, you'll see a monster move in the next room. When it's gone, you
can continue moving forward as well.

The next room has a slightly open door to the left, with another door at
the front and to the right. Giant barrels are also here. Enter the slightly
open door to the left.

The room is just simple. The only thing of interest here is the shelf on
the left which has a bottle of oil. After getting the bottle of oil, turn
around and proceed through the next door.

It's another small room. There's Laudanum on the shelf, and a note on the
table. As you approach, the door to the next room gets blown open by
something. Nothing to worry about. Grab the Laudanum and read the note.

The note is about Daniel's return from Africa. He was forced to go back
home by Professor Herbert. He also found the broken orb, but somehow
couldn't put them back together.

After reading it, proceed to the next room. Don't bother with the door to
the left yet since we're not done with the area. Just move forward and
go through the slightly open door in front of you. The screen will turn
red and another angry growl is heard, nothing to fear.

When you're inside the new room, check the shelf on the right and grab
the tinderbox. Proceed to the next room. As you make it halfway through
the room, you'll hear an angry growl and the sound of something breaking
through a door. Nothing to worry about.

There is a table with a note on one side of the room, and there is a
shelf on the other side with a tinderbox at the bottom. Grab the tinderbox
and then read the note on the table.

We find out the Daniel's beginning to suspect something's strange about
the pieces of the orbs that he has. He asks a geologist about how rocks
change, and somehow felt at ease. Still, he finds the orb pieces bizarre.

After reading the note, go back to the previous room, and then to the
other. Go through the door and you're back to the long room where your
vision turned red. Look to the right and you'll find a bunch of boxes.
Move the boxes away to reveal a hole in the wall that you can crawl

Move forward and you'll find an oil barrel to refill your lantern with.
Turn left and continue and you'll find a trapdoor on the floor with a
rope attached to it. Don't worry about it for now.

To the left of the trapdoor is a shelf with a tinderbox. Grab it. The
left side of a room also has a chest under a torch. Open the chest and
grab two tinderboxes.

Now we're ready to open the trapdoor. Unfortunately, something is jammed
to the pulley so even if you turn the crank, it won't work. We have to
get rid of that stick jammed to the pulley.

Trapdoor Solution 1:

Grab a box and throw it at the stick that got jammed just above and front
of the trapdoor. The stick will break and you'll be able to turn the
crank to open the trapdoor.

Trapdoor Solution 2:

Get a few boxes or a barrel and make your own stairs to reach the stick.
Grab the stick and move the mouse around to break it. Turn the crank and
the trapdoor will open up!

Now that the trapdoor is open, it's time to get down there! Crouch and
fall through the trapdoor. Just keep going. You'll hear another roar but
it's nothing to be scared of. Go through the door to reach the Cellar

VIII. Cellar Archives

First Section

You are now in the Cellar Archives. As soon as you enter this room, quickly
run forward. You'll notice that suddenly the environment changes and water
fills up the room! This is not a good sign, but don't panic!

First, I'll describe the place so you'll have a general idea of what the
first section looks like. From where you begin, the hall goes straight
forward with some boxes around. There is also a room to the right which
is the first place that you should quickly go to because it has a lever
inside that opens a door at the very end. There are also books in this room
that you can throw in the water to distract the monster.

Anyway back outside, the hall continues going to the right, still with
some boxes that you can jump on to be safe from the monster. Midway there
are shelves with books that you can grab and throw to distract the monster.

The hall then continues going to the left where there is a gate at the
very end which you can only open by pulling the lever in the room near the

First Section Solution:

After the hall has been filled with water, quickly run and go into the
room to your right and immediately jump on one of the boxes! The reason for
this is that there is an invisible water monster chasing us! Your only
safe place is anywhere out of the water!

Look around the room, at the far wall is a lever, and nearby are books on
the shelves. There's only a few books that you can actually grab. Turn off
your lantern and jump on the boxes to make your way to the lever. Before
we pull the lever, it's best to know where we can grab a book from so we
won't waste time. The gate that the lever opens is only open for a limited
time, this is why we need to do everything very quick and precise!

When you're ready, pull the lever and quickly grab your book. Jump on
the boxes and make your way to the box nearest to the door. The water
monster will be following. We need to get out of the room without being
killed. Throw the book to the faraway corner of the room and wait until
the monster is near the book, then quickly get out of the room, turn right,
jump on the boxes and make your way forward to the far away box!

Now the hall turns to the right. Continue jumping from box to box. There's
a bookshelf on the left wall but there's no book there. Jump to the box
near the right wall with another bookshelf. There are some books there
that you can grab.

By now the water monster will be on your trail and you'll see water
splashing from where you came from. Throw a book there as far as you can
to distract the monster. Once it's going after the book and it's not
near you anymore, quickly continue jumping forward.

The hall now turns to the left. Continue jumping and you'll see an elevated
platform that you can land and run on. At the end of this hall is the open
gate. Quickly go through the gate!!!

Second Section

As soon as you go through the gate from the first section, quickly turn
left and jump on the box! There's another water monster in this room! For
now you're safe and you can relax a bit to calm your nerves.

It's time to describe the room again. This is just one big room with a
gate to the left in the middle part of the wall. There aren't much boxes
you can jump on, and the central area is full of water.

To the left of the gate is a valve that you have to turn counter-clockwise
to open it. This is probably going to be the toughest part of this room.

On the boxes, you'll see some dismembered human limbs, and some torsos as
well. These things can be used as bait for the water monster. What happens
is when you throw these things, the water monster will chase them and
then EAT them! When the water monster is eating them, that's your only
chance to get in the water without being chased.

The water monster spends around 10 seconds eating a limb or torso. You know
that he is already eating when you hear it munching on them.

Second Section Solution 1:

(The Portable Floor Solution)

You're now on some boxes to the left from where you entered the second
section. Grab the bottle of oil nearby. You'll also notice three floating
smaller boxes. Our idea is to make a "portable" floor.

First, carefully land on one of the floating boxes. Next, grab another
box and put it in front of you. We are building the portable floor towards
the gate at the left side of the second section! Don't worry about the
water monster yet, it can't hurt you if you're not in the water!

Don't forget to always grab the box that is behind you as we make our
portable floor toward's the gate. If you need a clearer example of how
our plan works, please take the example below:

We have: Box1, Box2, Box3

1. Land on Box1.
2. Walk on Box2.
3. Grab Box1 and put it in front of Box3.

We now have: Box2, Box3, Box1

Just repeat that process until we reach the gate and its valve.

Once you have reached the gate and the valve, start turning the valve
counter-clockwise until the gate is fully open.

Before we proceed, we need to distract the monster because in the next
part, we don't need to be too careful. We just need to rush!

Near the gate is another box with some dismembered limbs and torso. Grab
one of them, and then throw them away as far back into the room as you can.
Wait for the monster to start eating it (listen to the sound it makes),
then quickly run and proceed through the gate, open the door at the end,
then shut it behind you!

We're not done yet! We're in a small room. Quickly jump on the box to the
left and check the shelf for a Hollow Needle. Jump on the boxes and make
your way to the door in the front. Open your inventory and choose the
Hollow Needle and use it on the door.

The door is now finally unlocked, go through it to get to the Archive

Second Section Solution 2:

Unlike our Portable Floor solution, this one is a lot riskier and I really
don't recommend it, but it still somehow works so I included it here.

Again, from the starting place from where you entered the second section,
jump on the box to the left and grab the bottle of oil. You'll have some
limbs you can use to bait the water monster.

Look to the far left and you'll find the gate with the valve and some
boxes near the gate. Grab a limb and throw it to a far away corner of the
room. Wait for the water monster to eat it. Quickly run towards the boxes
near the gate and jump on them. The water monster will probably be done
eating its meal.

This is the risky part. You only have around three limbs that you can use
as a bait, that means only three chances for you to open the gate in a way
that you can simply crouch, go through the gate, and then make a run for

First, grab a limb and throw it far away. Wait for the monster to start
eating and then get into the water and quickly turn the valve counter
clockwise as fast as you can. If you hear the monster suddenly chasing,
stop what you're doing and jump back on the box!

Next, throw another limb far away and simply repeat the procedure. By the
third limb you should have opened the gate high enough for you to be able
to crouch and enter. Quickly run to the door and shut it behind you!

We're not done yet! We're in a small room. Quickly jump on the box to the
left and check the shelf for a Hollow Needle. Jump on the boxes and make
your way to the door in the front. Open your inventory and choose the
Hollow Needle and use it on the door.

The door is now finally unlocked, go through it to get to the Archive

Archive Tunnels

No time to stop! That water monster is still after us! Quickly run forward
and open the door, then shut it behind you! Continue running! Open the
door again and shut it behind you!

Turn left and run! There's a door midway to the left, go inside and shut it
down! Run and jump over the obstacles!

Go through the door, turn left and run! Jump over the obstacles again and
then go through another door! Don't forget to close it!

Turn left and continue running and you'll eventually reach the Back Hall
door. Go through it!

IX. Back Hall

Congratulations! You just got through one of the most nerve wracking
gameplay moments in history ever! You are now in the Back Hall, safe from
the horrible water monster!

The Back Hall is a beautiful place that actually looks like a part of a
castle. An interesting fountain adorns the center of this place, featuring
a creature with a human baby's head spitting out water, having the body
of what seems like a centipede. Feminine legs are also part of the fountain
but it is missing its other half.

As you make your way up the stairs and to the center of the area, the door
to your left blows open. Don't worry about it yet. It just leads to the
Machine Room and the Elevator. The problem is, the Elevator is not working
and the Machine Room is inaccessible. We'll need a few parts to make the
Elevator work.

The area has four doors. While still facing the fountain, to our left is
the Elevator area. To the right is a door that leads down to the Storage.
Behind us is another level of the area, reachable by stairs. We have the
Guest Room and the Study.

Now from the fountain, look behind us. There's an area with chairs near the
stairs. Go there and you'll find a chest. Open it to get a bottle of oil
and two tinderboxes.

The first room that we'll visit is the Guest Room. Use the stairs on the
left to get up to the next level. The first door on our left is the Guest

X. The Machine Room Key

Guest Room

What a mess! As soon as you enter, Daniel gets a flashback. It seems that
his journal went missing. There's a table in front of you with a note
so pick it up and read it.

The note just tells the story about Abdullah who survived what seemed like
a very horrible massacre. As they checked on Professor Herbert's camp, they
found nobody left.

Don't forget to check the table's drawers, there's a Laudanum inside. The
second shelf to the right of the table has a bottle of oil that you can
take. Don't bother with the nearby door, it's shut tight so we'll need
to find something to open it. There's another room so go inside.

It's a bedroom! Check the table and grab the tinderbox at the bottom
and the crowbar on top. There's also a note on the smaller table so
read it.

In the note, it tells about how Professor Herbert was able to rescue
Daniel from being trapped for an hour. Daniel can't believe that he was
trapped for an hour because he knew that he was already suffocating within
minutes. It also tells that Professor Herbert got another orb, which leaves
Daniel wondering about the orb pieces that he has.

After reading, there's another tinderbox above the fireplace in the
bedroom. Grab it.

Go back to main Guest Room and now we can attempt to open the door that
we couldn't before. Open your inventory and use the Crowbar. Put it on
the door and you'll see it get attached there. Grab the crowbar and move
your mouse around until the door breaks open.

Enter the room and Daniel thinks about a key. Take note of the open
cabinet to your right! Now in front of you are drawers with a note on
top. As soon as you read the note, a monster breaks into the Guest
Room! Fortunately for you, there's a cabinet in your current room! Quickly
hide inside it and wait for the monster to leave. You'll know that he's
gone when you hear the door open and shut.

Now we have to find a key! Get out of the cabinet and look at the painting
in the room. Take the painting off the wall and a key in a bottle will be
revealed. Grab the bottle and throw it so it would break and release the
key. Take the key, it's the key to the Machine Room.

XI. Elevator Parts Hunting

Exit the Guest Room once you have the Machine Room Key.

Back Hall

Yuck! There's a torso in front of the Guest Room! That monster must have
been eating it before it tried to hunt us. Anyway, let's move into the
next room to our left called the Study.


Move forward and you'll see an open room to the right. Enter it. Look to
the left and you'll find a tinderbox on the shelf. Continue on and you'll
find a chest near the window. Open it for another tinderbox.

Get out of the room and move in to the room in front of you. There's a
note near the window on top of a table. Read it.

It's a note from a certain Agrippa, a teacher. He stole an orb and got
chased by a monster. He tried to get away and somehow, he was teleported
miles away from where he was. Whatever that was chasing him finally got
to him and took back the orb.

Get out of the room and continue on your way down the hall. You'll get to
an area where there are windows. The first window is weak, and it has
an oil bottle for you to take. Don't worry about the weak window for now.
Continue on and enter the room to your right.

It's a room where animals were killed! Turn to your right and go to the
table. A flashback occurs. In the flashback, you hear Alexander cutting
up animals.

Walk around the table at the center of the room, there's a note near the
decapitated dog's head and the candle. Read it. We find out that the
experiment is being done so that Alexander could harvest something from
the brain of humans and animals. In order to produce this, the victims must
be under fear and pain.

Go to the next room. Turn right and check the note on the table. It's just
about Alexander's frustration of not being able to get what he needs
because nobody else has tried what he's doing. Anyway, open the drawers
on the other table to get a tinderbox and a cute surprise.

Get out of the the room and back into the hall. Continue on and you'll
find that the boulders are blocking your path. Now it's time to break
the weak window!

To break the weak window, just find something to throw at it, like a
decapitated dog's head.

***ALTERNATE SOLUTION*****************************************************
Instead of throwing something to the window, just keep clicking on it and
it will break, just like the crack on the wall we dealt with earlier in
the game.

Don't forget to take the bottle of oil before you go through the window!
Carefully land on the perch. There's a tinderbox on it so grab it as well.

Jump from perch to perch until you reach another open window that you can
go through.

Inside the room, there's another weird canister that glows. Touch it to
read what it has.

The author feels disappointed at a person named Agrippa, the guy who
earlier stole an orb. The author speaks about having lived for centuries
and feeling disappointed because he has done so much for Agrippa, yet
it was not him who entered the gate.

Go into the next room and you'll find an oil barrel to replenish your
lantern's supply. On the table is a note and a rod. Grab the note.

The note tells us about a certain setting to make the Elevator work. It's
8 up and 8 down. We should also look for the rods needed to make it work.
Fortunately, one is already on the table so take it. It's the Flow Cycle
Rod. It seems that we need two more rods.

Go into the next room and you'll find a chest on the left corner near
the painting. Open it for two tinderboxes.

Now it's time to exit the Study and back into the Back Hall. Get out
of the room and then go through the window, then carefully jump back from
the first window you went through. Make your way down the hall and go
through the Back Hall door.

Back Hall

As soon as you get out of the Study, turn right and go down the stairs.
Go to the fountain and you'll get another flashback. It's about Daniel
being forced to use a parasol, who feels quite embarrassed about the

Turn right while facing the fountain and go through the door. We're headed
down to the Storage room.


Go down the stairs. As soon as you reach the open area, Daniel will write
something in his journal. It's about the Storage being too dark that it
is not natural. Feel free to light some torches.

From where Daniel started writing in the journal, you'll see a table
in front of you. There are areas you can visit. To the left is a door,
in front of you (behind the table) is another hall, then there's also
one more hall to the right.

Before we go anywhere, get the tinderbox on the table at the middle of
this place.

Now let's go through the door to the left. Go to the right side of the
room and check the shelf, there's a tinderbox. Now go to the left side
of the room and in the middle shelf, you can find two tinderboxes. On
the shelf in the corner is a Drill Part. Suddenly you'll hear a monster
wandering outside! Don't worry yet.

Exit the room and go into the hall directly in front of us, not the one
to our left. Go down the stairs. As soon as you reach the ground, turn
right and move along. You'll find a door, enter it.

In the room, you'll find a table with a note on top and a tinderbox at
the bottom. Read the note. We learn that Agrippa, who is Alexander's
teacher, has prepared an explosive. The chemicals needed are in two large
vats, which are actually outside of this room. He also states that you have
to be careful of handling them because they're unstable.

Don't forget to grab the tinderbox after reading and get out of the room.
Keep moving while hugging the right wall until you reach the next room with
a slightly open door.

Enter the room and check the shelf on the left. There's a tinderbox. The
shelf on the other side of the room has another tinderbox. In the corner
of the room is a chest, open it to get a bottle of oil, a tinderbox, and

Exit the room and keep hugging the right side and you'll find another door.
Enter it and you'll find a tinderbox sitting on top of the box to your
right, and another tinderbox directly in front of you. Grab them both.

Behind the tinderbox that you just took and some boxes is another drill
part. Take it. Exit the room and keep hugging the right wall until you
reach another door.

Inside the room, the shelf on the right has two tinderboxes for you to
take. The first tinderbox can be grabbed normally. The second tinderbox is
placed on top of the shelf! To get it, just jump on the nearby table and
then jump again while aiming at the tinderbox. The moment you see your
cursor become a hand, click it and you'll be able to take the tinderbox.

Now check the other shelf and you'll find another Drill Part, the final
one that we need.

Open your inventory and then drag one Drill Part on top of another. This
will automatically assemble the completed part! Congratulations, you now
have a Hand Drill!

Exit the room and look at the giant vat to your right. It's the upright
vat that reads "Primary". Open your inventory and choose your Hand Drill.
Use the Hand Drill on the vat and it will start leaking!

Next, open your inventory and choose the Chemistry Pot! Use it on the vat
and you'll fill it with the chemical. Take the Partially Filled Pot and
we'll get the next chemical from the other vat in the room.

While still facing the giant vat that we just got the chemical from, turn
around. Behind that vat is another upright vat that we can drill. It's
called "Secondary". Drill it just like before, then use the pot to get
the chemical.

Congratulations, we now have the Explosive! Another growl will be heard
but it's nothing to be scared of. Now let's head up the stairs to where
we originally came from.

Upon reaching the top, let's head down the hall to our right, the last
unvisited area of this place. As we enter the hall, we get a flashback of
a woman crying and just wants to be left alone. Continue down the hall.

You'll find a room to your right but you can't open it so just don't
bother with it. Go down the stairs. Near the candle on the ground is a

Open your inventory and choose the Explosive. Use it on the boulders
blocking your way. You will automatically place it just below the rocks.
Grab a box or something else and go back up the stairs. Aim for the
Explosive and hit it with whatever you got. It will explode and the path
will be opened!

Continue on your path into the next area. You'll be in a room with a shelf
in front of you. There's a tinderbox there so take it. To your left near
the doorway to the next area is a bunch of barrels in a corner. Move the
barrels and you'll find a chest. Open the chest to get two tinderboxes and
a Laudanum.

Move on into the next area. You'll get another flashback and hear the girl
being harassed. Continue on and you'll be in a long room. There's a
slightly open door to your right. Enter it.

The room is full of dead pigs, or whatever they were. To the right is a
shelf with a tinderbox. In the corner are barrels. Move the barrels and
you'll find a bottle of oil. Exit the room.

As you exit the room, turn right and move on. Check the shelf on the right
for a tinderbox. Move forward. You'll see another room to your right. DO

Continue moving forward. The hall in front of us leads to the Machine Parts
area. We don't need to go there yet, we still have some stuff to collect.
Move around the table instead of going into the Machine Parts hall and
check the crates on the right side. Move them and you'll find a bottle of
oil. Look to the left where the long table is and you'll find another

Continue moving forward and check the right side, you'll find one more
tinderbox. Now we're ready to move on into the Machine Parts area!

Turn around and go to the Machine Parts hall. You'll get another flashback
of the girl, this time she's being cut and tortured. Continue on and you
will reach another area. Suddenly, the room will shake and there will be
fire in the middle. Nothing to worry about. There's a room to your right,
open the door and enter.

Move in and you'll find the last two Elevator Rods that we need on the
shelf, as well as a note. Read the note. It just talks about the first Rod
that we got from the study earlier. Take the last two Rods, the Trinity
Steam and the Four Phase Amplitude Rods.

YIKES! Suddenly you'll hear a monster get mad. Anyway, continue on in the
room and turn right. Behind the box is a tinderbox for you.

It's time to make our way back to the Back Hall, but be careful, a monster
is after us! Just a reminder, the moment we see a monster, we have to
quickly run back to the room where we got last two rods and hide!

First, exit the room where we got the last two Rods from. Turn OUT your
lantern! We don't want to be seen by whatever monster it is. Slowly make
your way forward from where the fire is and look in the hallway. Proceed
cautiously. On the part where the stairs are going down, you might see
a monster! At this point, quickly run back to the Machine Parts room and
hide for a while!

After a minute or two, slowly open the door to take a peek outside the
Machine Parts room. If the coast is clear, then get out and proceed
slowly once more. You might see the monster again and it might chase you!
Run back to the Machine Parts room then and hide in the corner! It might
even break down the door!

Check again if it's gone, then get out of the room. It might show up
again so just keep running back to the Machine Room and hiding in the
corner, even if your door has already been broken down.

After around two or three times encountering it, you might be safe for
a while. Head down the stairs coming from the Machine Parts hall and you'll
notice that the other door I warned you not to open because it has a
monster is now open! Go inside.

The shelf has two tinderboxes. To get the other tinderbox that's on the
a higher level, grab a box and jump on it to reach the tinderbox. On the
other corner of the room is another tinderbox resting with some sacks.

Get out of the room, make sure you your lantern it out just in case. Our
new hiding room would be the next room to our left after we exit the
one we are in. This is going to be the room with pigs hanging, so get that
room ready and remember where it is.

Anyway, continue on our way back up. Head up the stairs, just be careful.
If you encounter the monster again, simply run to the pig room and hide
with the dead pigs.

Another potential area where you will meet the monster is the place where
you blew up the boulders. You might see the monster just near the stairs
going up. If that happens, hide with the pigs in the pig room!

After your encounter with the monster near the stairs and you know he's
gone, just make a run for it! From where you are going out, the hall to the
Back Hall is straight ahead behind the table! RUN!!!

XII. Fixing The Elevator

Back Hall

Good job! You just got through another extremely scary situation! That
Storage area is one place where a lot of people either quit because of
fear or just stopped playing for a while.

Look around you. The castle is really transforming into something more
sinister. The beautiful Back Hall is becoming another red organic matter
world. It's time to fix that Elevator and continue on in the game.

After exiting the Storage, just run straight and open the door on the
other side. This leads to the Elevator and Machine Room. As you enter,
you'll get a flashback. It's Daniel talking with Alexander about the
wonders of the elevator.

To the left is the Machine Room and in front is the still non-functional
Elevator. Let's head left. Use the Machine Room Key on the Machine Room's
door. Enter it.

Machine Room

To your left are stairs going down, and front is an open room. Move forward
and go inside the room first. As you enter, to your left is a table with
a note on it. Read it.

In the note, Daniel states that he snuck into Professor Herbert's office
and stole some references to the matter of the orb. He also learned that
the geologist he talked to previously just died.

In the corner of the room are some boxes. There's a tinderbox on top of
one box, while another tinderbox is hidden behind the pipes.

On the wall is a machine with levers. They have roman numerals written at
the top and bottom. Remember the clue that we got from one of the notes?
It says "8 up, 8 down". Let us solve the riddle of the Pressure machine.

Pressure Machine Solution:

At the top, here are the roman numerals: III, III, V, I, II, IV
At the bottom, the roman numerals are: I, V, VI, V, II, II

The clue states that we need to have "8 up, 8 down".

This is no problem, we simply find the numbers that add to 8 together
so that there would be an 8 total above and below.

The answer is:

For the Top Part, Raise These Levers: III, III, no, no, II, no
For the Bottom Part, Lower These Levers: no, no, VI, no, no, II

Good job! Now the flow is even and stable!

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