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"Secret Projects" Updates Thread
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"Secret Projects" Updates Thread

This thread is going to contain information and news concerning the projects Frictional Games is working on currently.

Note that so far there is barely anything known about the projects, thus the thread is empty and blank. It will however be updated with time!

If you have any fresh news you can't see here, feel free to share them with me via Private Message

Special thanks to Romulator for helping me out with the thread!

Main Contents


Spoiler below!
Empty section. Will be updated as soon as anything is revealed!


Spoiler below!


Concept Art:

Spoiler below!
Cave - Supposed concept art, possibly for an upcoming game. [Source]


Spoiler below!
Empty section.


Spoiler below!
Empty section.


Blog Entries:

Spoiler below!


Spoiler below!


Spoiler below!


-Created thread
-Added following sections; Main Contents, Media, Miscellaneous
-Added 3 articles
-Added 1 concept art
-Added 3 blog entries
-Added Contributors category


-Added 6 articles available in; ENG, RUS, PL, POR
-Added Changelog
-Removed articles numeration due to being an unnecessary feature bringing too much hassle
-Removed External Links and moved them underneath the nextfrictionalgames website


-Added 2 articles available in; ENG, HUN
-Splitted the articles section between languages

Replies made to this thread are deleted periodically!

Based off the SOMA Info Portal compiled by Paddy™ and Ashtoreth. You two are awesome.
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RE: "Secret Projects" Updates Thread

(07-20-2016 04:05 PM)Slanderous Wrote:  Replies made to this thread are deleted continually!

Just wanted to quickly point out that with this said, feel free to post any links to information, media, twitter posts, etc under here that you find. Posts are deleted periodically after some time, but will be noted and added to the OP. I'll include a changelog of my personal alterations under this post.

Spoiler below!
  • [21-07-2015] Removed External Links and moved them underneath the nextfrictionalgames website. It looks sexier.
  • [02-08-2015] Added a [Source] field to the Cave concept art.
  • [02-08-2015] Slight updates to the overall OP.
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