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I found a place where you can fall trough floor
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Not Solved I found a place where you can fall trough floor

!Spoiler alert, I'm about to describe where it happened.!

What happened and when

I fell trough floor while fetching the parts for the pressure suit in which you descent into the abyss and eventually find your way to Tau.
The incident happened when I was looking for the electrical component which powers the suit.

Where is the spot

The spot was at the end of the corridor where the empty electricity box is, and you can see the entity and entrance to the actual box on left. If you don't go in to meet with the monster, but go at the end of the corridor, you can see a small gap in the wall on your right side. Now if you hide yourself there and crouch + hug the right wall + lean in you get pushed trough the wall --> where from trough the floor and end up between the 3rd and the 2nd floor.

What does it cause

You are able to move there, but I was unable to get back up or back down to level 2. The space between the floors is kind a wonky and shortly after getting there I fell into emptiness. I ended up floating forever so had to exit the game and load last save which luckily is at the entrance of that room.

Anyway it seemed like a pretty random spot, but I tought I'd report it in case you wanna patch the hole.

Great game, awesome story, totally immersive environment and good dialogue/voice actors. Been recommending to everyone I know and will carry on doing so.

Best wishes

01-11-2017 04:11 PM
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