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PS4 Audio Issues
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Not Solved Lightbulb PS4 Audio Issues

I purchased the Amnesia Collection a while back for the PS4, and with Amnesia: The Dark Descent, only one thing has been a major, constant problem for me. The audio. But only when the camera is positioned facing vertically up, or down.

I wear headphones while I play, plugged into the PS4 controller, and the audio doesn't seem to work right while looking a bit up or down in-game. The audio which is normally in pretty fine surround when viewing the horizon directly will become separated.

Ambience and music in nearly all areas plays through one ear at a time when the player is turned in certain directions (while facing up or down), and seems to be positioned in one place, playing from one angle in relation to Daniel.

Sounds sometimes snap from one ear to the other without any smooth transition while turning, even at a slow speed, while the other ear is completely silent aside from any other sounds that may be in the area. This happens even when ambient noise or music should be present all around. This ONLY occurs when the camera is angled vertically.

Even when activating the developer commentary, if it's started, sometimes it will only play through one of the two speakers on my headphones, or much quieter in one ear at least, and I need to reactivate it to get it to play through both.

I'm guessing this is a problem with the port. This problem doesn't occur in other games or the PC version, as far as I can tell. Amnesia is patched to the latest version, and all of my hardware works fine with every other game.

As a side note, the audio doesn't seem to be optimized for headphones. I noticed it lacks a setting to switch to a headphone audio mix, unlike SOMA, which sounds great with its 3D audio.
06-16-2017 12:00 AM
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