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Why is amnesia so awesome?
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RE: Why is amnesia so awesome?

Well, actually graphical effects and general visual design helps atmosphere immensively. Especially the special effects like zoom of the view, blur etc. Visual gamma is also very well chosen to feel dark and old, like it should be in the setting.

There was only one problem with that for me - it is when the game requires you to go behind an enemy back or you have just suffered a serious sainity hit - it is that you have to sit and hug the light for like a minute or two just to get back your normal vision and controls.
Also, the game has, in some places, a non-black "skybox" or something - meaning, if you go into a dark corridor, you can see doors and items because you see them first (they come into your drawing range) and they are drawn black over a grey background. For example, in a corridor before you obtain a latern this was very evident for me. Maybe it has something to do with gamma (i have to play on 1.15 since on 1 for some reason its too dark) - gamma amplifies this background black but doesnt amplify objects that are totally black, making them more black than the "nothing".
07-13-2011 01:06 PM
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