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Penumbra: Requiem

As the release of Penumbra: Requiem for Windows is very close we have had the time to put up the website for the game. The site can be found at www.PenumbraRequiem.com. Also, Linux and Mac users should not feel left behind! Versions for these system are in the works and will be available quite soon.

We would also take the opportunity to give our thoughts on the expansion and this text from the site sums it up pretty neatly:

"Penumbra: Requiem is an expansion to Penumbra: Black Plague and is to be considered an epilogue to that game and not as a new episode in the Penumbra franchise. The main goal with Penumbra: Requiem has been to focus more on the physics puzzles and see how far the current engine could be taken. This has made Requiem into a game that focuses more on gameplay and puzzles than the previous Penumbra instalments and a game that is more experimental in nature.

Although having a strong emphasis on puzzles the game still features a dense atmosphere, a trade mark of the Penumbra series. In Overture the goal was to induce strong fears from isolation, in Black Plague a main theme was paranoia and Requiem does its best to deliver a nightmarish and feverish atmosphere. Penumbra: Requiem is an attempt to deliver a fresh and rewarding experience and not just some rehash of previous material."

We have put a lot of work into Requiem and we believe it is the most polished of all of the Penumbra releases. The multitude of puzzles with multiple solutions is something that we are very proud of and we have gone to great length to ensure smooth gameplay. We really hope that you will enjoy this expansion and have good time with it.

Good night all, we'll return tomorrow with more content and goodies!

Thomas and Jens

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We've been naughty

We got kicked off our old server for "consuming" too much server power. After a couple of hectic days we now have the company, forum and support pages back, it's a good thing we already had a new dedicated server up and running!

We are now running all our sites from it, we had not planned to move all the sites already but, well, we had no choice any longer. As we had to move quickly some things might be broken, new, strange and odd, we might get the time to fix things up a bit more later. But for now this will do and we are now resuming our regular game development jobs.


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Black Plague available for Mac & Linux - Windows gets Unbirth

Helsingborg, Sweden 13th of May,

Penumbra: Black Plague for Mac OS X & Linux released!
Regardless of your computer platform of choice it is now possible to enjoy the full Penumbra: Black Plague experience. Following up on the release of the demo two weeks ago the full versions are now available for $19.99 and can be obtained from http://www.penumbrablackplague.com/site/buy.php.

Mac minimum requirements:
OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
Processor: 1.5Ghz
Memory: 512MB
Video Card: Radeon 9600/GeForce 4(GeForce4MX not supported)

Linux minimum requirements:
Processor: 1 Ghz
Memory: 256MB
Video Card: Radeon 8500/GeForce 3(GeForce4MX not supported)
Misc: Kernel 2.6 or higher, glibc 2.3, X11R6 with 3D acceleration, for x86_64 CPU, 32-bit environment must be installed

If you have not played the prequel, Penumbra: Overture, we would recommend it before trying Black Plague. Of course Overture is available for Mac & Linux and can be found at http://www.penumbra-overture.com.

A look into the past released
To all dear Windows users,

Before creating Penumbra and before founding Frictional Games, Thomas Grip worked on a game called Unbirth, unfortunately this game was never finished due to various issues. Unbirth was a game much like Penumbra, a first person real-time rendered adventure horror game, but without the nifty physics. During the past two years, players of Penumbra has continually asked if it would be possible to release any working code of the game, and well, Thomas decided that it actually is possible!

An alpha version of the game is now released at http://unbirth.frictionalgames.com as well as a short presentation about the game, how it was made and why it was, sadly, never finished. It is an unstable, but working demonstration and gives an insight into the history of the ideas and design choices that was an inspirational source in the creation of Penumbra.

Digg it!

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Multi-topic news!

We have had our hands full for the last couple of weeks and many things have been going on. So lets get right to it and report about it all!

KRI image

Last week an expansion to Penumbra: Black Plague was announced dubbed Penumbra: Requiem. This short but sweet expansion will give the players some final gritty details on the Penumbra story as well as a concentrated batch of puzzle solving. We are currently working away on the expansion and as we get further into development more details will be released, at the moment a July 2008 release date is the goal.

At the end of last week Thomas and I went to Russia to visit the KRI event in Moscow, a developers conference where we were invited to talk about how we do things and how the production of Penumbra: Black Plague went about. To read all about it and to see some pretty pictures - check this forum thread!

This week we released the Penumbra: Black Plague demos for Mac OS X & Linux, you can get them at the demo site. The full version will come soon so check back for updates, hopefully next week. We have also released Mac & Linux updated demos for Penumbra: Overture that fixes and improves the game, most noticeably the problems with ATI HD cards. The updates for the full version of Penumbra: Overture should hopefully be released next week.

For those out there with a Novint Falcon, Penumbra: Black Plague HaptX edition is coming on the 28th of May. The HaptX editon will include a ton of nifty cool features especially for the Falcon, you can for example squeeze soft object like the bloody guts of monsters! Yuck!

Eager to read more reviews about Penumbra: Black Plague? You can find some at DieHardGameFan, Adventure Corner, Adventure EU, Adventure Classic Gaming, Eurogamer and many other places. There is also a review and an interview over at Adventure Island.

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Penumbra 3 - BWaV Announced!

*april fools*

Frictional Games announces Penumbra Sequel

Penumbra 3 : Back With a Vengeance to be released worldwide Q1 2009

Helsingborg, Sweden - Frictional Games proudly announces the release of the third game in the Penumbra Series, named "Back with a vengeance". This highly anticipated chapter in the Penumbra story will have the protagonist making a final stand against the alien threat faced in Black Plague. "We really thought that the last game ended in a rather lame fashion and wanted the series to go out with a bang!", says co-owner Thomas Grip. "And what better way to create a bang than with an action-filled blood soaked ending! Everyone loves explosions and we feel that we need to cash in on that too!".

The game starts out as Philip awakens in a dark basement. Dazzled and confused he starts doing the only thing he can - pumping those muscles! By using his engineering skills he starts building one badazz gym and make sure no aliens will mess with him anymore. Full off steroids and 110% raw muscle strength, Philip sets out to destroy the alien threat with machineguns, bazookas and hand-to-hand techniques!

Main features include

- Physically simulated gym. At any point during the game, Philip can start pumping the iron!!
- Bucket loads of blood and gore!
- Timed button events to further enhance the action!!!
- A great arsenal with all kinds of guns, rifles and weapons of mass destruction!
- No bloody puzzles!!!
- Adults Only Rating!

You know you want it!!!!

"Take that you modda fogga!!!!!!" - Philip

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