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Last bunch of reviews for April.

The month of April is as good as over, here are the last six reviews we have time for during this month. Look forward to additional reviews in May as the game is released in Northern Europe, North America, France and more!

Deafgamers logo "Penumbra Overture is a strange and really quite original game. The horror and atmosphere are very real most of the time. The controls can take a while to get used to, but don't get put off by them. Stick to it and there is a good solid dose of gaming here." -yetanotherreviewsite.co.uk.

Deafgamers logo "Penumbra Overture is one of those games that's quite unlike any survival-horror or adventure game that you may have played before. Having to physically interact with objects rather than simply solving puzzles in the typical manner is something most gamers will definitely want to try." -Deafgamers.com.

SVD logo Freely translated "Whispering voices, heart beats and sudden shakes from the next room. Classic horror tricks, but seemingly effective." -SVD 19th April.

FZ logo Freely translated "...At this price you won't get the most involving adventure, rather a very creepy experience in a Silent Hill class manner." -FZ.se.

Gbase logo A Swiss review at Gbase.ch.

Looki logo A German review can be found at Looki.de.

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Home turf coverage and this weeks reviews.

We have had two quite exciting weeks, last Thursday we had a nice full page info/review and interview in SvD, the second largest daily newspaper here in Sweden. An article that we thought turned out really well! Tomorrow, for us Swedes, there is the possibility to see Penumbra: Overture in "Gomorron Sverige" as they have their weekly 15 min game talk. So be sure to turn on SVT 1 at 7.45!

Today we have also been informed that we have been nominated by SDSI for the "Swedish independent game of the year" category in this years Game Awards. The event will take place on Thursday this week and guru graphics artist Anton will represent Frictional Games in the hopes to bring home the gold and glory.

Gamedaily "Penumbra utilizes the classic adventure game style, where players collect items and combine them to solve puzzles. While the game has one or two shortcomings, it provides a strong alternative to mindless shooters." -Gamedaily.com.

Gameplayer.se ”I wholehearted recommend Penumbra to all lovers of horror and adventure games, that is if you do not have a weak heart or mind. This can be one of the most horrifying games ever created.” -Gameplayer.se.

Gamer.nl A Dutch review at Gamer.nl.

x-zine A German review is available at x-zine.de.

Frightening Another German review at Frightening.de.

Adventureinsel And last, believe it or not, another German review can be found at Adventureinsel.de.

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Reviews for the masses!

Penumbra: Overture is available in more and more countries as the days pass by, we were initially hoping for a bit more organized release, but oh well, as long as the game is getting out there! Enjoy the latest reviews!

Destructoid "All around, though, I have to say that it's relatively easy to look past these flaws and appreciate what, at its heart, is a clever, original, unorthodox take on the horror and adventure genres. If you're in the mood for something new, Overture will not disappoint. Personally, I'm looking forward to episode two already." -Destructoid.com.

Jucaushii A Romanian review that is also available in an English version.

Punta e clicca An Italian review in puntaeclicca.com.

4players A German review is available at 4players.de.

Games Welt Another German review at Gameswelt.de.

Level CZ For the Czechs there is a review in issue 151 of LEVEL.

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Another review roundup.

More and more reviews of Penumbra: Overture are coming in, the average verdict currently at 75/100 based on the 22 reviews we have on file. We are very happy with that score, in particular as the reviews in general has been very positive to many aspects of the game.

PC Gamer "Penumbra is the most interesting thing to happen to adventure games since Fahrenheit."
-PC Gamer, Issue 174, May 2007.

Games Xtreme "For such a small development team (4 man) this game is a great one. It boasts an innovative physics/puzzle/mouse interaction system and is the first of a trilogy of titles. It does have some glitches but this does not stop it from being a great game."

Pro-G "Interaction is where Penumbra really succeeds, with your on-screen pointer/hand able to touch and move objects realistically."

Mega Gaming There is a German review to be consumed over at Mega-Gaming.de.

Game Captain Another German review to devour can be found at Gamecaptain.de.

Hrej! For the Czech crowed there is a review published on Hrej!.cz.

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Review roundup

As Penumbra: Overture has been out for soon a week the reviews keep coming in at a steady rate. So far it has been mainly positive reviews and our own internal goals have been met and even exceeded! Enjoy!

PC Zone "So you crouch, and you hide in the dark from the thing because you're no 'Hollywood action hero', and through some magical trick of character empathy, you're actually scared. Then a wolf howls and you promptly shit yourself." -PC Zone, issue 178. Review available online.

EuroGamer "It does some truly clever stuff, has an effectively creepy atmosphere and there's a few signposts in it that action and adventure games alike would do well to follow." -EuroGamer.net.

GameElite Freely translated- "...the game contains surprisingly small amounts of violence, but notably large amounts of physiological horrors that will make you sleep with the lights turned on for weeks ahead." -GameElite.se.

PC Games For German speaking readers Penumbra: Overture is reviewed in the May issue of PC Games.

AdventureIsland Quick translation- "The game is very creepy and exciting. The great graphics and music helps it very well. The enemies are lethal but trying to evade them and sneak past them is double as scary than just attacking them." -Adventure-island.nl.

PC Gameplay Last there is a review in issue 132 of the Belgian magazine PC Gameplay.

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