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Penumbra: Overture in stores now and trailer released!

Finally they day has come! Penumbra: Overture is out there on the store shelfs and in the digital archives. Ready to be bought, brought home and enjoyed! As you start playing the first episode, work here is already well away on the second episode. Make sure you tell us what you think of the episode so that we can make the second as good as possible!

Eager to get your hands on the game? You can purchase and download Penumbra: Overture instantly from Gamer's Gate online stores.

Are you one of those that has always wondered "who are those Frictional Games fellows anyway?", think no more about it! Take a quick look at our tour of the office.

A release day needs a release trailer, so here you have a short less than a minute video to watch while you wait for the download to finish.

It can quite safely be watched without really spoiling anything of the final game experience!

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Last gameplay video released!

With only one day to go before Penumbra: Overture is available in stores we give you this video. Showing one of the more talked about gameplay features and one that is more or less unknown. Enjoy and be slightly warned that the video will spoil the game experience slightly.

View it here or visit the media section for additional mirrors/download locations, it's called Innovative Gameplay.

Lets see if we can get some sleep tonight... These are exciting days!

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Dynamic environments video out

The third of four gameplay trailers is out, this time showing some dynamic environments in Penumbra: Overture. As last time, be slightly warned for spoilers in the video.

View it here or visit the media section for additional mirrors/download locations, it's called Dynamic environments.

The next video is out tomorrow and perhaps something more will come on Friday for some reason...

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Reviews & New gameplay video

It's Penumbra: Overture release week and we have some reviews to report about, a new video and some last minute previews for those eager to read even more.

PCG Zine "The game made my mind play tricks on itself and giving me the scares at the same time, and believe me..I do not scare easily." -VG Reloaded.

PC Format "It's a genuinely creepy and engaging adventure..." -Issue 199, April 2007.

GamesTM "It feels intuitive, especially as it ties into Penumbra's wonderful physics system, adding a new layer of immersion to everything. And in horror games such as this, immersion is key." -Issue 55.

Doupe A German review from Do not cross. 'Dante' was also kind enough to make us a quick translation of it into English.

Doupe Jeux Video PC has also done a review in French. Enjoy!

In the second release video you get a peak at one of the physics puzzles in Penumbra: Overture. The wonderful idea with physics puzzles is that they can be solved in different ways, this being one of them, perhaps the most cumbersome as well...

View it here or visit the media section for additional mirrors/download locations, it's called The Electric Fence. As last time, be slightly warned for spoilers in the video.

The next video is to be release on Wednesday, be sure to check it out as it's available. We'll let you know!

And last, the links to the previews:
GamerNode, PC Daily News, Hooked Gamers.

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Penumbra: Overture Release PR

(Helsingborg Sweden, 9th Mars 2007) The Swedish independent game company, Frictional Games, proudly announces that Penumbra: Overture - Episode One has gone gold today and has been sent off to manufacturing.

A Demo for the game has also been released and the English version can be downloaded from: Get the Demo!

Penumbra: Overture is an innovative first person survival horror game using advanced physics interaction. Instead of relying on combat as the main gameplay element Penumbra focuses on puzzles, exploration and enemies have to be dealt with by using wits rather than brute strength. This creates a unique experience in an atmospheric and scary game world.

Penumbra tells the story of Philip, who in search of his presumed dead father uncovers more than he could ever had imagined. Trapped in an underground complex below the icy wastelands of Greenland, Philip needs to not only fight for his survival, but for his sanity as well.

Penumbra: Overture is to be released in episodes during 2007-2008, the first being released the 30th this month. More information can be found at: Penumbra-Overture.com

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