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Preview from Pro-G

UK based Pro-G has posted their preview of Penumbra: Overture. Warning, contains some puzzle spoilers.

pro-g gaming "While Frictional might not have the budget to compete with the big boys, early impressions of Penumbra suggest that the game is going to provide players with a rather different gaming experience."

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The previews start rolling

A month ago a special preview build was sent out to magazines and last week the same build was sent out to online magazines. We are very happy to be able to tell you about two previews already!

Visit the ever so expanding gaming site HEXUS to read their 4 page preview. Warning, contains some puzzle spoilers.

hexus gaming"Although Penumbra Overture is billed as a first person action game it also incorporates challenging puzzles and the combining of items in your inventory in order to reach a solution. This gameplay style, more commonly seen in point and click adventures, and the combination of combat and physics interaction, make Penumbra Overture unlike any other game we’ve personally experienced."

The EDGE preview is only available in the magazine. If you have not purchased a copy of EDGE before, issue 172 is a great one to start with!

EDGE online"Perhaps because it's astounding that such a physically astute game could have been developed by just four people, especially considering how recently a team of ten times the size would have struggled to produce a world as complex as the one you explore here."

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Video diary: Enemy interaction

As promised we have created another video diary, this time demonstrating the enemies interaction with the player and the environment.

video2imageYou can find download links in the media section on the official Penumbra: Overture website or use any of these to view directly in the browser.

GameTrailers.com, YouTube.com, video.Google.com

The development is coming along according to plan, last week we finished a major milestone when we made the game playable from start to finish. This means that the game is more or less done and now we enter the last period of adding details, tweaking and above all... testing. We are all quite excited as we feel the goal that we have worked towards since August 2006 is getting quite close!

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Two new screens

Two new screens can be found at the Penumbra: Overture website media section. The screens are showing some dissection of an enemy as well as the view of a frozen lake.

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image image

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Test Penumbra: Overture Audio

It seems there was enough time for one more post this year after all!

As the audio engine in Penumbra: Overture has been redone to utilize OpenAL there is an urge to have it checked on as many computers as possible. Visit this thread to download the test and report your findings either directly in the thread or to the e-mail address given in the documentation.
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