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Full Version: Penumbra Overture does not load - steam
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Hi, i am running Penumbra overture and it worked fine before but i uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Now it shows im in an game then it just closes and i get no window or anything whatsoever.
ok now i get an error when running it directly from the exe

The procedure entry point alcGetString could not be located in the dynamic link library OpenAL32.dll
Make sure Penumbra is updated to v1.1 and that you have the latest OpenAL driver installed:
I installed openal and i think it updated to 1.1. but the still doesnt work.

This also happens with Penumbra Black Plaque
does it still show the same OpenAL error?
Nope fixed the Black plaque but not the Overture. And it still did the same for the overture.
what operating system and graphics card do you have?
Windows 7 64 bit and Nvidia GeForce GT540M with 2gb
make sure you have this installed: