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Full Version: After Penumbra Collection 1.1 patch update (mac) still shows 1.0 on Penumbra Launcher
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I've just updated my Penumbra Collection (on Mac OS X Leopard) to version 1.1, update went smooth and successful, but when I checked the "About Penumbra Collection" to see if it really got updated, it still shows version 1.0 on "Penumbra Launcher."

What does it mean? Did it get updated or not?

My Penumbra Collection is inside Applications/Games/Penumbra Collection/The Penumbra Collection

Should it be inside Application only?
If the update went smooth then it is updated. The info is probably just incorrect, something that was forgotten to change for the update.
That looks like an "oops" by me. Or rather the version of the "launcher" is 1.0:-D that's it :-D

You need to look at the version #s of the actual individual games. Or what is generated in the hpl.log file. we did a much better job at this in Amnesia than in Penumbra.

The "latest" versions for Mac OS X should be
Overture - 1.0.3013 (unless you are using steam.. 1.0.3033)
BlackPlague - 1.0.3012
Requiem - 1.0.3011
All right! That's it!

Well, I checked all 3 (individual) games and the numbers you provided match, exactly! I don't use steam.

I guess they are updated. Thank you for letting me know about this. Problem solved!