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Full Version: I strongly disslike Zong now!
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I have tried to buy Penumbra collection with my mobilephone for the last days now but everytime i try it says my phone is "banned" and that i should contact them to get it fixed, well i have contacted them and i never get any response.... And now the price raised from 35kr-140kr for penumbra I know that i will within one hour from now get an email form zong telling me they now fixed it so now i can buy it =_=.

I used zong before without any problems at all so why would my number be "banned"?. Anyone else had the same problem?
Never heard of Zong befor actually, so i haven't used it either. You should try contacting them again, this is a big problem, but i don't expect them to lower the price for you.
Ye im not demanding them to lower the price for me, im just trying to say "maybe you should find another paymnet method instead of zong if many ppl have the same problem"