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Full Version: [Solved] Sound Isn't Playing?
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Try adding FatherSufferSame.ogg to the first parameter of AddEffectVoice.
HEre is easier solution:

U wrote:
AddEffectVoice("", "", "Subtitles", "FatherSufferSame", false, "", 1, 10);

it should be this:

AddEffectVoice("SoundName(It must be .ogg)", "", "CategoryName", "EntryName", true, "EntityWhereUWantToPlayIt", 4, 16);

For example:

AddEffectVoice("EpicElven.ogg", "", "Subtitles", "elventalks1", true, "Elven", 4, 16);

Note that elventalk1. It is because if I use like 5 of them straight, they wont play at the same time, they play one after another. putting it like that, I can make subtitle part 2, with just changing 1 to 2
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