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Full Version: "Failed to Load configs file"
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Here's my main_settings.cfg :

<Main ShowMenu="false" ExitMenuDirectly="true" SaveConfig="false" DefaultProfileName="dev_user" UpdateLogActive="false" LoadDebugMenu="true" StartLanguage="french.lang" ScreenShotExt="jpg" ForceCacheLoadingAndSkipSaving="true" ShowPreMenu="false" />
<Graphics TextureQuality="1" TextureFilter="2" TextureAnisotropy="1.000000" Gamma="1.000000" Shadows="1" SSAOActive="true" SSAOSamples="8" ShadowQuality="1" ShadowResolution="2" SSAOResolution="0" ParallaxEnabled="true" WorldReflection="true" EdgeSmooth="false" GBufferType="0" NumOfGBufferTextures="3" OcclusionTestLights="true" Refraction="true" ShadowsActive="true" ParallaxQuality="0" ForceShaderModel3And4Off="false" PostEffectBloom="true" PostEffectImageTrail="true" PostEffectSepia="true" PostEffectRadialBlur="true" PostEffectInsanity="true" />
<Engine LimitFPS="true" SleepWhenOutOfFocus="true" />
<Screen Width="1280" Height="720" FullScreen="true" Vsync="false" />
<Physics PhysicsAccuracy="2" UpdatesPerSec="60.000000" />
<Sound Device="1" Volume="1.000000" MaxChannels="32" StreamBuffers="4" StreamBufferSize="262144" />
<MapLoad FastPhysicsLoad="false" FastStaticLoad="false" FastEntityLoad="false" />

And my user_settings.cfg :

<Game ShowCommentary="false" ShowCrossHair="true" FocusIconStyle="Default" ShowDeathHints="true" ShowSubtitles="true" ShowEffectSubtitles="false" ShowHints="true" />
<Debug ShowFPS="false" ShowSoundPlaying="false" ShowPlayerInfo="false" ShowEntityInfo="false" SaveCheckPointOnMapLoad="false" ShowDebugMessages="false" UseProgLog="false" ScriptDebugOn="true" InspectionMode="false" DisableFlashBacks="false" DrawPhysics="false" ReloadFromCurrentPosition="true" AllowQuickSave="true” />
<Input InvertMouse="false" SmoothMouse="true" MouseSensitivity="1.000000" />
<Map File="" Folder="" StartPos="" />

When i try to launch the game , it tells "Failed to load configs file".

Anyone can fix this ?

Special quotation marks are not read as regular quotation marks. Fix AllowQuickSave.
So , all the things that i change must be quoted by “false or true here” ?
And i need to change the true from allowquicksave to false ?
(02-12-2012, 09:19 PM)onv Wrote: [ -> ]So , all the things that i change must be quoted by “false or true here” ?
And i need to change the true from allowquicksave to false ?

Don't you see a difference between special quotation marks and regular ones? It has nothing to do with the values of the attributes.