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Full Version: Better Place - Amnesia Custom Story
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Better Place

I have been working on amnesia custom story.It's my first story but not last.Story name is "Better Place".
Instalation: Unpack the .rar file and simply copy the "Better Place"
folder to the custom stories in your Amnesia: The dark descent main
folder. Then start Amnesia and after clicking on "custom stories"
button in the menu, you will be given the chance of clicking on Better Place,
reading the description and offered with the "start" button. Another
click and have fun ... Ps: Sorry for bad english. Im finnish guy Tongue

And remember send me feedback ! Smile
Some pictures here:

Download Link: (If this link is not working, try the link below Smile )

Moddb Link:
Put some pictures so we can see.
I dont know how to put that spoiler thing, but there is a link to see some pictures. =)
Oh ok.That will do Big Grin
Hi there, here is my playthrough of your custom story i review it at the end and throughout
Cant seem to download the file, i get this "Invalid or Deleted File" message
From the pictures, I get the feeling that your map looks kind of...empty
onks täs mitää storyy ?
(04-13-2012, 04:37 PM)Thesonicgalaxy Wrote: [ -> ]Cant seem to download the file, i get this "Invalid or Deleted File" message
Same here. Was going to do a bugtest/proofread on this, too. Hope the author fixes the link soon! ;D WHHY?????????????????????????????????????????????

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