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Full Version: Level editor problem, help plz
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I apologize for my bad english. Angel

I started working with this level editor just several days ago and recently found that I can't launch the maps I made in Amnesia. The game simply don't see these files, though I place them in custom stories folder. The maps are made in accordance with the tutorial. I watched many videos on youtube, where guys like me make maps and launch them pretty easily. Hell, what should I do to fix that?

well first make sure you have a config file in the custom story folder which has all this information down including the maps directory and the name of the first map with the name of the first spawn point

if this doesn't sort it just pm me
Do you have custom_story_settings.cfg?
omg, what a shame. I really don't have this file. Can anybody give me a link how to script it?
Alright, seems that I made this myself, problem solved. I will continue experiments)
I'd just like to comment on your English - It's fine. It is better than most native-speaking people on the internet.