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Full Version: How to Create Custom Billboards
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Hi there all again. I've searched for the answer to this question for quite a bit, but couldn't find anything.

So basically...the title speaks for itself. Anyone can tell me how?
You make a .mat file basically Smile
(04-01-2012, 03:11 PM)SilentStriker Wrote: [ -> ]You make a .mat file basically Smile
Add an image of something of your choice by the power of 2 (e.g. 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048, etc. I recommend 256x256 or 516x516 depending on the size and detail of your image) to a custom folder in the "Billboards" folder in the redist.

Make the .mat and place it with that image. Open the level editor and place the billboard with the billboard button.
How exactly do I make a .mat? Can someone walk me through the whole process of image(.jpg, .png, etc...) to billboard?
You should be able to basically open up a stock billboard .mat file with notepad and see for yourself whats inside it. Look at the filetypes frictional used, look at the settings they used in material editor and use your brains to figure it all out.

1. create image with program of choice(powers of 2 don't actually matter if you don't use .dds)
2. export as .dds (dxt1 if you dont have color or alpha, dxt5 if you have) or just png
3. open material editor
4. create new, set the material to translucent and look up settings from frictionals .mat files
5. save the image and .mat into same folder and you should be set

Ok, I tried what you suggested, and the billboard is visible in-editor, but when I open the game for testing it cannot be seen in-game.